Hurricane Hermine & Writerly Update


HELLO from the dark ages! Day 5 and there are still 14,000 some without power. Things in town are rather wonky as stores restock their shelves from having to toss their foodstuffs. The cell phones are for the most back up, though occasionally still a little slow and yesterday we lost internet until late in the evening.

But guess what?!! The town has been gracious. Everyone. So for all the bad press we get, strangers opened doors, ppl randomly made offers of hot food, showers or even dips in their pools to cool off. Even hot, tired and stanky from desperate needs of showers, the citizens of Tallahassee stepped up, stayed optimistic and jumped forth to help their neighbors.

Most common request we received were dips in the pool and charging of cell phones.

Our loss was the pool pump motor. Sucker won’t come back on which means a green pool until the hubs can get time off to replace it. Also, a ceiling fan oddly won’t come either. Power is up and down. Popped off this morning, but sprang back on quickly. (YAY!!!)

Utility crews have worked ROUND THE CLOCK getting power restored. Their families haven’t seen them since this storm hit, and MUCH GRATITUDE goes out to all of them.

THANK YOU GUYS!!! (And Gals!)

Now onto writerly related events.

Through the month of September Amazon has placed both, Books one and two, on super .99 sale! Yep, grab up Swamp Magic (Bk1) or Under the Full Moon (Bk2) at this amazing price.

My shifters are locally found critters and my heroes don’t turn into, but rather take on the unique qualities of these amazing underdogs of the southern region.

Swamp Magic (Swamp Magic Series Book 1) by [Romans, Bobbi]


Check out this recent awesome review! (Or check out one of the many reviews found at Amazon or Goodreads)

5.0 out of 5 stars A new and refreshing side of the paranormal, full …, May 31, 2016
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Swamp Magic (Paperback)
A new and refreshing side of the paranormal, full of adventure and lusty romance, that keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next installment…


Under the Full Moon (Swamp Magic Series Book 2) by [Romans, Bobbi]


5.0 out of 5 stars Love renewed!, August 14, 2015
This review is from: Under the Full Moon (Swamp Magic Series Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
Grace is such a beautiful and kind hearted soul. She is powerful in her own right. The fact that she might be able to find happiness in Damien, after all that she has lost, is precious. Now only if they can find the time to find out between someone trying to hurt her, kidnap her, or kill her.


Also, mark your calendars about the upcoming October 20th, 9 PM EST, Halloween Party at Writerspace featuring the authors of Loose Id, Publishing! Prizes will be awarded at the end of the party.

Wish me luck as I jump back into a semi routine state and hopefully finishing up this yet unnamed, super hero story.



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Hurricane Hermine Recovery Update: Tallahassee Florida

Hurricane Hermine Recovery Update:  Tallahassee Florida

While only a minimal Category One, Hurricane Hermine rolled into town and devastated the area.  Its all about give and take, and as we celebrate a town known for its stunning canopied roads, the downside is… it doesn’t take much to bring down our power lines.

As of now (2 days AFTER the storm) much of the town is still powerless (we are of the few lucky ones) some county residents are being told potentially up to 2 weeks before power is restored, city residents are being told up to a week.

Stores are down, cell towers (Sprint-Verizon etc) are still wonky, with Sprint (as of 09/02) stating their emergency back-ups will only last LESS then another 24 hrs.  The Red Cross have stations set-up giving out hot food and the city has areas giving out water.

Yes, things are that bad-STILL!

As we were lucky, I was able to give out my emergency supplies and made water runs for a few without through-out today.

 Lifesavers- The NOAA radio my son has which features Solar and Hand-Crank operability AND the nifty flashlight and cell phone charging capability.

If you’ve never been in a non-power type emergency I’ll share my list of what I have and you WILL need/use!

Emergency List:

NOAA Radio

Hurricane Lamps (oil lamps- Oil and wicks in the event power is out for days) OR Nifty new LED camping lights.


Battery powered Fans (we’re in Florida, HELLO hot item to have)

D Batteries

Water (One jug per person in household-more if you can)

Boxed, canned or powdered milk. (for dry cereals etc)

Propane for your grill. NO GRILL? No Problem– Sternos will work in a pinch too! (those little candle/heater cans catering companies use under the chafing dishes!

Fill a baby pool etc, for water for flushing.

Freeze Milk Jugs filled with water and leave in freezer to help keep your food from spoiling.

HAND Can Opener.


Canned foods such as Stew, Chicken and Dumplings (one meal type dishes) that can make for easy (no water) clean-up and paired with bread or crackers for substance.

Dry goods: Crackers, breads etc. Crackers are good because they don’t spoil as fast as bread will.

Candles for where you don’t have your hurricane lamps ready. (Bathrooms, etc)

Ice and Dry ice. (Have an ice-maker? Empty out the ice-maker every so often into bags to keep on the ready.)

Paper Goods (remember, you may be without water) such as paper plates/towels, cups, utensils, etc.

TIP: Find a radio station (of no power) giving updates! Our local X-101.5/101.7 Stayed live taking LOCAL callers giving everyone updates on how their side of town was fairing throughout the storm. They were FANTASTIC and we knew what was happening around us.

There are many, many wonderful ideas out there, but most importantly, regardless of how bad or not bad you may think things may get, BE PREPARED for the WORST case scenario!

Hanging in and feeling blessed- Bobbi Romans

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Fabulous One-Liners!

BR_TheSinfulChocolatier  Inhibition-X

You know those great one-liners you run across and think…wow, or laugh yourself silly? Maybe its a one liner that prompts tears.

Those wonderful near magical threads we run into that keep us coming back for more.

Well talented author, Allie Ritch came up with the splendid idea to share those golden lines and sent out an all-call. At the below link, check out the best of the best from many of your favorite authors, I even added a few myself.

(Authors Include: Allie Ritch, Allie Quinn, Bobbi Romans, Brynley Bush, Cailin Briste, Cara Bristol, Cynthia Sax, Errin Stevens, Eva Lefoy, Gail Koger, Haley Whitehall, Jeanne St. James, Jessica E. Subject, Jocelyn Dex, K.T. Black, Laurel Richards, Lisa M. Owens, Louisa Kelley, Marianne Rice, Megan Slayer, Pamela Moran, Pippa Jay, Shiloh Saddler, Sotia Lazu, Stephanie Lake, Susanna Eastman, Tami Lund, Tara Quan, TD Hassett, and Wendi Zwaduk.)

Grab your coffee or tea and have some fun this Saturday morning by checking them out.

*Best not to be drinking anything when reading*

Enjoy your weekend!

-Bobbi Romans

P.S. If you comment to this post what my one-liner was there might be a prize!


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Enterprise & Budget Rental Update

I’ve been delinquent with the blog posts. SORRY!

First a post I promised a bit ago. I’d posted (on Twitter and FB) how Enterprise rental car nearly destroyed our trip a few weeks ago.

I have to say, that Budget saved the trip, I do. It’s only fair, as they DID get me in a car and on the road in record time.  THANK YOU BUDGET!

It’s also only fair to update my Enterprise dealing.

First, note that we’ve used Enterprise before and never had any issues. So while this experience was horrific, it was in such, that it was an unexpected encounter. That played a large a part. EnterpriseCares (on Twitter) saw my tweets of shock, disappointment and anger and sent me a message. Assured me they DID care and give them some time to research.

Then, I got not one, but TWO calls from Enterprise Management. (One I missed, so not sure who he/she was) then from the local CEO/GM (can’t remember) Mr. Ray, who apologized, took notes and promised me that my encounter was NOT how Enterprise handles things. He asked enough questions on his own that I have no doubts, he will follow through and make sure things (for the next customer) will go far more orderly. He also extended a rental for my future use with no expiration.

Even over and above that, the fact the company responded promptly to the Tweets, returned calls, emailed, all making sure I knew they were in fact looking into my issue speaks volumes. Not sure about the rest of you, but how often anymore does this happen?

So thank you, to Enterprise Rental Cars as well, for making me feel like a valued customer.

Onto, writerly updates.  I’ve a short super hero story coming as well as a few things in the works with Loose Id AND… a Halloween Party in the works with LOADS of authors & prizes.

Stay tuned!


Bobbi Romans



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Writerly Update on disappearing books…

A publisher I’m with (and dear friend) suggested I box-set my older books for print availability. Something that these particular books have never offered before.

So, if you see a sudden disappearance, now you know.

There will be 3 sets. One contemporary set, one paranormal set (which will hold the non-series para’s) and one White Shifter Series set. So if any of these were stories you’d wished you could hold in print… hang on, they’re on the way!



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Here ye, here ye, BOGO sale on Blurbs!

Yep, that’s right! My 1st ever BOGO sale! Runs from today through midnight next Thursday the 21st.

Same price, same NOTHING to lose policy!. Nothing jacked up. IF you like the blurb options and included teasers/tag lines, then its $25.00 (and for each one purchased, you get ONE free) IF you DON’T like (no using- and no free one) then NO CHARGE!

Yep– NOTHING at all to lose!

Now is the perfect time to revisit those older stories that are collecting dust and little sales. Give them new life with new blurbs, maybe combine them into a bundle or anthology and have an overview blurb and new teasers to promote.


If you need a blurb NOW but won’t have a need for another at this moment, NO PROBLEM, I’ll create you a coupon (Free Bogo)  to use WHEN you need your next one.

I’m easy to work with, and am available most nights as well.


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Q & A with Bobbi’s Book Blurbs, Teasers & Tag Lines

For the curious… here’s the breakdown of Bobbi’s Book Blurbs, Teasers & Tag Lines.

Q: Do you just do blurbs?

A-NO. I’ve done ad’s (for author signings, sales, etc) Same price ($25.00) and same rules. Don’t like (not using) NO CHARGE. Heck, I’ve even done personal birthday party invitations where they wanted something unique.

Q: How does it work? What do I need to send?

  1. A) Simply send me a brief rundown or your synopsis if done. I actually do (for the one price) several options and several teasers. I call it round one. Many love from the 1st shot. Some, want something more and others ask me to merge several of the options into one. I’ll take your notes/comments from round one and customize to your liking. But… if using (paying) ALL options are yours to use as they were created specifically for YOUR story. Use them for alternative blurbs/teasers, or toss. ALL options/attempts are yours to do with as you see fit.

Q: How does payment work?

  1. A) Upon completion (when customer is happy and loves their blurb) I’ll Paypal invoice you for $25.00.

Q: What about a blurb for a book bundle/boxed set I’m putting together? How much would that cost?

A: IF you’re putting a series together and just want the ONE blurb to represent the whole series… SAME PRICE! $25.00. I charge per blurb (with teasers and tags thrown in). So whether your set has 3 stories or 10, since its ONE blurb you want–its ONE charge.

Q: I’m redoing an old series and want fresh blurbs. How much would that cost?

A: Again, $25.00 per blurb, which includes, teasers and tag lines. So, $25.00 per story.

Q: What’s your turn-around time?

A: Usually within a few hours. Obviously if you sent a request late PM, I may not be up or may be on my way to bed. That said… I did have an author contact me once in the middle of working with Createspace and needed a blurb, like THEN. ASAP! I happened to be up and at 11:30 PM worked her blurb and had it back by Midnight.

Q: Anything else I need to know?

A: Please be polite. When working with you, I DO understand life happens, but if you experience a delay in being in contact… take the time for a quick email, “I’ll get back with you on XXX.” Nothing worse than being in the frame of mind for said authors work, then having days go by without word. If you don’t like, it’s okay… as an author too, I understand not everything will be everyone’s cup of tea. Simply let me know, the blurbs didn’t work, but hey, thanks for trying. I’m good with that and you won’t be charged.

What sets me apart? The no charge rule. If you don’t like/use, I’m not charging you. For most of us, we’re still struggling to make a living following our dream of writing. Last thing any of us need is to pay for anything (work related or other) we don’t need. A bad blurb, is NOT needed.

Special request. Like you money is limited… so, for now, I’m strictly working social media and word of mouth. (Thank you to the customers who have recommended me) Please help me spread the word by sharing or just mentioning when you hear someone in need or complaining they hate doing blurbs.- Thanks!

Hope to work with you soon,

Bobbi Romans

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