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Let’s talk CAKE!


Let’s talk CAKE! How many of us are the “make it at home” kind? No matter what our child/loved one/friend asks for, we think…




Doing so can be the best fun ever or bring us to our knee’s in EPIC sized melt-downs! Hahaha. I did a wedding cake once, simply to help a friend reduce the cost of her upcoming nuptials. Yes, I had warned I had NEVER done a tiered cake before. Sure, I’ve done layers, but not tiers.


O-M-G! All the tiers were sliding all over the place. I ripped a rack from the freezer and after utilizing every toothpick in the house, FROZE that darn thing! In hindsight, the wooden skewers probably would have done the trick but I’m not the best thinker in panic mode.


Below are some of the cakes I’ve made and some hints and tips.  Have fun and the skies the limit.


Hamburger Cake the Teen requested one year. (Enlarge the pic and you can see how it was put together.)


4- 9 inch cakes. (2) Yellow cakes, and (2) Chocolate cakes, carefully slice one through the center, and cut one into a square shape then cut in half, with the halves put in-between the two other cakes (burgers) to give the illusion of cheese. REAL sesame seeds (try seasame cookies if you ever get a chance. LOW sugar and delicious!) The rest was just playing with food coloring and icing.


Image may contain: food




Bacon Cake (same teen requested this)


Now this isn’t your typical “sweet” cake. But he said he wanted a bacon cake for his birthday so I sat down and thought it out. What I came up with, was baking two 9 inch BISCUITS (using my cake pans) and icing with cream cheese, and putting bacon and shredded cheddar between the biscuits and on top.


He LOVED it!


(Couldn’t find the pic)




Pizza Cake (Yes… same teen. I think he tests me each birthday)


I got rather lucky with this one, as a Pizza Cake isn’t all that hard. BUT–I lucked out when I called our local Fun Station, where his party was being held, and was able to BUY a pizza box. I used my 14 inch (large) round cake pan and made a yellow cake. I used RED icing (for marinara) then sprinkled shaved white chocolate over it (shredded mozzarella) and placed sliced black jelly beans here and there. (black olives) Brown M’M’s for Sausage, and play with whatever ingredients you want to make an awesome Pizza Cake!


(Hunted for an hour and can’t find the pic, but you get the idea)




Lady Bug Smash Cake & Cupcakes!


Did this one for a friend. I used a Pot Pie tin for the smash cake. Red icing, Oreos, Devils Food Cookies and some licorice was all it took!


Image may contain: dessert and food




Now, as I said, I SUCK at Tiered cakes, but most recently for a Nieces baby shower, she wanted one and sent me a pic. I botched the Lace like appearance on the top tier, but used Strawberry Preserves between the center layers for the extra strawberry kick she wanted. I used the 14 inch pan for the bottom, (2) 9 inch for the middle, and my smallest pan, (I think its a 6 inch) for the top. Her theme was baby elephants and colors, blue and grey. I have never used fond in my life and with so many swearing it tastes crappy, just used a real ribbon around the middle. we simply pulled off prior to eating. ALSO, I did buy the cake cardboards, I  used between size layers.



Image may contain: table, dessert, food and indoor





Triple Chocolate Overload


4 layers with 9 inch pans. Starting from bottom layer, Devils food fudge, chocolate, devils food fudge, chocolate. Then I heated up Hot Fudge (as in the ice-cream topping) and poured some between each layer, smoothing it out and letting it completely refirm BEFORE adding the next cake layer. Then I iced the whole cake. (Once cooled, I added whipped cream and more hot fudge on top)

Image may contain: food

Candy Bar Cake

I played with different shaped cakes, so its a bit rough looking, but boy did he enjoy it. I stuck mini candy bars between the warm layers for extra chocolate kick though out.

Image may contain: dessert, food and indoor


Easy Easter Cake

Green dyed coconut flakes, Peeps, Vanilla Wafer type cookies and real plastic eggs. You could also add, a Twizzler to make a HANDLE. 🙂

Image may contain: dessert and food



Lets talk EBAY cakes!

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Image may contain: dessert and food

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Okay, all those nifty decorations and party favors? EBAY stores. All three cake toppers are edible icing that comes in sheets (in all sizes and even cupcake sizes) from Ebay! Comes on waxed sheets. Just pop in freezer a few minutes before putting on cake and they come right off the wax background. Place on top of icing and they melt in.

The princess cake, was a tiara from Ebay, white sugar crystals, and candy pearls.

I’m no Cake Master by farrr…. but I can create the kids  fun birthdays, customized to the theme of their choosing, all while on a serious budget!

Have questions? Ask away.

Bobbi Romans

(If searching for my romance novels or 1st cookbook, simply go to Amazon and search my name. But I try not to LINK LINK LINK in overload.)




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Food: The dreaded grocery bill!


I’ll be switching gears from food back to romance this week. That said, there are other recipe books in the works.


I’m sort of known as the “holiday” cook as well. ANY holiday and recipes ranging from creating dishes with faces for the Wee Ones running amok, or making a MOUNTAIN of a casserole for the massive gatherings we have.


The “Bobbi Romans Recipes for Giant Sized Families on Fairy Sized Budgets” needs no blurb, but while that is my normal (every day) cooking, I can and do pull out the stops for gatherings.

Bobbi Roman's Recipes for Giant Sized Families on Fairy Sized Budgets! by [Romans, Bobbi]




But for any of you foodies out there, I’m going to share my biggest challenge.


The food BUDGET!




Its darn near impossible to cook recipes AND stay within whatever your shopping limit is. Me? Ours ranges from $250.00-$300.00 a week. Can I cook for less? Of course! But it won’t be recipes I want to try. It will be staple dinners like SOS, Breakfast for dinner, beans and rice and so forth.


HOT DOGS! OMG– remember when that used to be the “cheap” meal? Have you see the price on some of those brands out there? I’d love to try some but with a crew that requires a min of 4 packs for a dinner, simply can’t.


Yes I’m an author, but a fledgling one so no… money isn’t rolling in. Hubby is the sole bread winner in the house with the grown kids here, pitching in a little, as we’re doing our best to help them get back on their financial feet, the grocery tab is about the biggest bill. (House pymt and electric are the only bills to top it)


Lunch time can be tricky. I’ve got to make sure I’ve got both packable lunches for the hubs and Wee Man, but also, lunch items for those of us still here. (4)


Eggs! Yep, eggs can go far. Egg salad, boiled eggs and in a pinch when stretching a dinner, deviled eggs. The Ramen noodle supreme (in the book) and flour tortillas are staples here in the house as well. Come on, a flour tortilla can be ANYTHING!


A breakfast burrito, a cheese taco, heck Wee Man likes his hot dogs in them. Hubby and nephew put whatever, and I mean, WHATEVER dinner is, in one and roll it up at dinner time.


What’s your one favorite food MUST have staple that your family requires in the house?


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A Bobbi Romans, DON’T!


Image may contain: table, dessert, food and indoor

I’m going to try and be more “productive” in my blog, postings.


Right now, a Bobbi Roman’s CATASTROPHE DON’T!!


Do not, I repeat, do NOT attempt to oil and flour cake pans with Canola Oil. Those true bakers out there, QUIT LAGHING!! No, I’ve never tried (apparently) and grabbed my Bakers Joy to discover it empty. I was forcing myself to stay awake last night, around midnight to get the cakes at least baked, for the shower I attended/threw today.


Grabbed the Canola oil, oiled, floured the pans and popped 4 cakes in the oven. (Was a 3-tier cake)


Tried to get the biggest out… half stuck. No biggie, I used strawberry preserves to fill the large gaps in the center. Then made the 2nd large, popped it in the oven, while I began trying to get the other cakes out. ALL but 2 stuck.


I mean, unusable STUCK!!




I got the 2nd large cake out, and attempted to gently inch the edges away, praying it wouldn’t fall apart like the others did. Thought I had it, went to flip it on the other large (preserve filled) cake and …


BAM! Fell apart into a million pieces on the other cake.


I was in TEARS!!! Its now approaching 2 am, and my sweet daughter offers to make a Walmart run. So off she and my SIL go.


She, saw the Bakers Joy, and thought… I bet mom needs this.




Re made ALL the cakes, using Bakers Joy and Voila! Everyone of them came out perfect. Only had about 4 hours sleep (wee miss had leg aches all night) but managed to pull off a semi-decent looking cake that was, (I’m diabetic) according to others, DELICIOUS!


So make a mental note somewhere… NEVER, EVER USE CANOLA for oiling cake pans!!!


Now– chilling after a happy, but long day!




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A FRESH new release to feed the Family!

So why a cookbook? Don’t you write romance?


I also cook for NINE each night. Can you imagine the bill for even Mc Donald’s for NINE big eaters? My husband is also from a super-sized family which means for holidays I can easily be cooking for 25-30 PLUS!

After many years and many requests, I created the cookbook geared for LARGE families. Like TRUE size meals. Not those serves 6 but really only serves 4 in a normal eating reality.

Hit a snag in it? Have a question? Confused or need more information?

Hit me up at:

I also really want to encourage more families to get back to cooking. The fun in it. Some of the best recipes I’ve created came from being broke.

Yes–FLAT OUT BROKE. Off that one or two items needed to finish the dinner. Digging in your pantry and playing “Chopped” can be fun AND tasty! Learning which steps, spices and sauces can be skipped, added or altered is what it’s all about.

Bobbi Romans Recipes for Giant Sized Families on Fairy Sized Budgets is out now. Its recipes from MY playing around in having to double or triple recipes which often means skipping certain ingredients to KEEP the dish affordable yet still yummy!

Available in BOTH E-Book and Print!

Bobbi Roman's Recipes for Giant Sized Families on Fairy Sized Budgets! by [Romans, Bobbi]

Print Copy

E-Book Copy

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2 Fab Valentines Giveaways a Recipe & a NEW release!

Coming Valentines Day, I’m finally releasing the cookbook that has been so requested. It won’t be for everyone, but for those with super sized families… this one’s for you!

Image may contain: text

Bobbi Romans Recipes for Giant Sized Families or Fairy Sized Budgets releases on February 14th 2017.

To help celebrate BOTH the release AND Valentines Day, I’ve got not ONE but TWO fun giveaways going on! Simply, 1st-go to my Amazon Author Page here: Amazon Page

then head over to my Bobbi Romans FB Page (Bobbi Romans Books) Here:BobbiRomansBooks and simply comment, “Done” to be entered.

Winners announced on February 15th 2017.

NOT in the recipe book, but for those with little ones and on tight budgets, here’s an easy something I’ve done for years on Valentines Day.

Heart Shaped Meatloaf!

No pan needed. This works for anyone’s preferred recipe, but I’ll tell you how I make mine.

3-5 pounds of ground beef

2-3 pounds of ground pork (or a tube of your favorite sausage works)

3 eggs

Sleeve of crackers (any should work fine, so grab what’s on sale) OR bread crumbs

1 Packet of DRY vegetable OR onion soup mix.

Mix meat with eggs, soup and crackers/crumbs. Kids LOVE helping make this! Just remember to have them wash their hands thoroughly when done.

On cookie sheet or preferred baking pan, shape mixture into a heart OR make individual serving hearts. ( ex: 6 eating=6 mini hearts etc) Pop into 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes. DRAIN grease from pan by gently titling over grease catcher. (In my case its a small silver pan.) Squeeze ketchup over top (to make your heart(s) RED and return to oven. For mini loaves, for about 10 more  minutes, for a full loaf 15-20 more or until meatloaf is thoroughly cooked through in middle. (if you are unsure, use a meat thermometer. I make ENORMOUS loaves and cook time is typically about 30-45 min.)

Let stand about 10-15 minutes before serving.

Now, its Valentines Day, you might want a “special” meatloaf. Make it STUFFED. You can still do the heart shape, but use 1/2 the mixture and press down in your pan. Lay sliced ham and sliced Swiss in the middle. Top with remaining meat THEN form  your heart. Now you have Cordon Bleu Loaf! Instead of ketchup, use a good marinara.

Note: Because its stuffed add 5-10 minutes to cook time.

Happy Valentines Day!

Bobbi Romans





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