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Wild Adventures Theme Park

No recipe today… tomorrow one will be forthcoming. Today is giving due where due belongs. Not long ago I posted a review for Universal Studios which I was in NO WAY compensated for, in any capacity and neither have I been for the below. These are my thoughts alone.

Today—Have you even heard of Wild Adventures?


It’s in Valdosta Georgia and is LESS than ½ the cost of the other major theme parks. They stand out though, in a big way, for several VERY notable things.

1) Waterpark, Zoo and Concerts all included in one price.
2) Water is free even at the concession stands.
3) This upcoming Memorial Day weekend, Active and Retired military get in Free!!

Wild Adventures offers a nice sized Water Park with kiddie area as well as monsterous sized slides and water rides as well as a lazy river and lockers conveniently located to store your items while splashing about.

There is also a super cute zoo featuring walkways through shaded woods. (Nice when you’re needing to cool down but don’t want to get wet yet or already got wet and don’t want to wet again.

Their theme park is full of awesome rides such as The Cheetah, Double Shot and my favorite, the Hangman. (too many rides to name)

In the evenings they have concerts which if you are in the park, is included!

I think the water on the hottest day of the year was what impressed me so much. It was ungodly hot. 103. I was miserable but the kids didn’t seem fazed. So, after being convinced to leave the kiddie water fountain (where small jets shoot water upwards and I’d park my fluffy fanny at) we’d headed off to another ride. I was DYING people. Like so hot my head was pounding and I had that fake mom smile on as I forced my feet forward all while smiling. We passed a concession stand and worried I might be overheating stopped to ask how much a cup of cold water was.


The attendant told me the managers told them that with such massive heat they were worried about all their guests and wanted to make sure we stayed hydrated and healthy.


Purchase 7 days in advance and a day pass is: $39.99
2-6 Days in Advance $41.99
At the gates or less than the above required time;
Adults $49.99
Kids and Seniors $44.99
Seasons passes are about $90… something.

They do offer meal deal special offers, but I’ll let you look that up and judge whether a good deal.

So if seeking a summer trip and on a tight budget, I’d easily suggest Wild Adventures.

Happy Hump Day!

-Bobbi Romans

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Cabana Bay Beach Resort-Review

Cabana Bay Beach Resort- A Review

cabana bay

In our whirlwind trip to Universal Studios I reviewed a few blog posts back, I promised a review of the Universal resort we stayed at.

Cabana Bay Beach Resort  -5 Stars!

Truly superb, family friendly accommodations!

Okay, where to start about this wonderful place.

*Taps finger on chin* The staff- yes, let’s start there. Every employee we encountered was smiling, friendly and proved they were willing to go out of their way to assist their guests in have a wonderful, memory making vacation.

*Isn’t that what we all hope for? The best memories from these trips?*

The resort offers, multiple temperature controlled pools, a lazy river, a pool slide, fire pits suitable for roasting marshmallows or relaxing around after a fun-filled day and Jacuzzis. There is a sandy area for kids to play, a greenway, outdoor activities/games and the lobby lounge usually has a band playing in the evenings.

*Special Note: Uh, yeah so we go lost trying to find our room. Be advised each complex of Cabana Bay has a name AND… the room number ie; 1236 is building 1, 2nd floor. See what they did there. The building and floor number are a part of your room number*

For the smokers out there, they DO have smoking areas. For those NON-Smokers out there they are placed in areas of less foot traffic .

The rooms are cute and clean and we stayed in a family suite. Now, as in size, they aren’t the largest, that said, they are by far better set up and have just about anything you might need. A mini fridge, microwave, sink, mini Keurig type coffee maker, paper plates/bowls, spoons, etc. The hide-a-bed in the sofa? Memory foam comfort! Whomever gets the sofa bed, there are drawers in the wall which really do open for putting your clothes away and a patrician wall to separate the bedroom from the living room area. TV’s in both.

There are plenty of food choices right there at the resort and even a laundry area. Once at Cabana Bay, you truly have no need in leaving. Besides the lounge/grills that are poolside there is also the Bayliner Diner which has numerous food choices in a cafeteria type setting. (Pizza, spaghetti, chicken, etc)

As far as getting to and from the parks there is never an easy way. But, Cabana Bay offers free shuttle service that basically takes you right to the escalators which take you up to all the walkways leading up to the parks and City Walk.

The shuttles run every 15 minutes so you will never have a huge wait for one and trust me after a long day at the parks all you want is an easy way back.

We enjoyed Cabana Bay so much, we realized you could easily skip the parks and have a wonderful and relaxing vacation right there, without ever having to leave for anything.

A BIG thank you to Cabana Bay Beach resort and its wonderful staff for helping make our Easter Weekend trip, extra special. (The wee ones loved their face-painting and Easter egg hunt)

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Turning 50 – A mom’s eye view

Let’s start this post with a heads-up. My posts can be on anything at anytime. Happy, dark, funny or just plain insane.

Why? Because isn’t that how life rolls?

I’m Bobbi Romans. I used to write romance. Hell, I used to write period. Loved it. It was my anchor and my sanity savor. Then life went hard left while I was still strolling on the right.

Life changed. But it always does.

Now, I’m back at an office job with little free-time for writing (which I’m going to try and change) and helping a family member through a gnarly divorce and custody battle all while STILL trying to keep me-me.

I turned 50, fell twice, screwed my knee up and if a certain person I love doesn’t stop suggesting maybe losing a few pounds might help the healing knee—well there may be some ex-lax brownies in their future!

Yes, my poor knobby knee is protesting the fat ass it’s trying to keep upright. No, that’s a lie. I have no ass. Really. I don’t get it. Other women get chubby and get big boobs and a butt.


Nope. Belly. All belly.

Now going back to the falls, in fairness, the tub should have more of those non-skid things and the second fall was because some buffoon filled the dog water so full it puddled out. New gorgeous tile + water= Me sailing beyond the kitchen to rather ping-pong like off every door jam and wall between the kitchen and laundry room.
Ended up on my back with my daughter and granddaughter staring over me, freaked out and asking if I was ok.

See, that’s how you know you’re old. Younger = laughter after a fall. Older=horrified looks and phones being pulled out to call 911.

For all this however, I’m digging 50. I don’t care about the wrong things as much as I understand the right ones.

No make-up for work? No biggie. Ran out of time to dress up for the party? Cool, the house is clean and food is cooked even if I do appear as if I’ve stuck my finger in a socket and am wearing half the flour bag. I’ve finally, truly understood, those who matter don’t care what you did or did not wear. How your hair was fixed or how on point your make-up is/was.

They care you are there.

See, I think many of us have friends and family that have been this way, WE however didn’t understand it.

I tried to be the Do-It-All Mom. I didn’t buy the cookies, I made them. I didn’t buy the costumes… I made those too. Volunteer? Yep, not a day of but the weeks of. All while working full time.

Then I learned, it wasn’t the homemade vs store bought that mattered.

It’s that you are THERE.

Something about turning 50 changed things for me. I want more time to enjoy the actual events in life rather than wasting so much time looking the best that I can, while trying to be June Cleaver so much that I essentially missed life’s special moment(s). So I’m sharing my recent discovery hoping maybe someone else’s life is a nutty as mine and they are wondering if its okay to say… enough.

Don’t get me wrong. I still try to keep myself up. Just not to the degree I did before. If I run out of time for make-up-don’t care. Touch of bronzer and its out the door. If I run out of time to make that cake? Life is too short, I swing by a bakery and buy one.

I’m not Superwoman and I’m tired of trying to be.

I am me and I’m okay with that.


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Am I a broken reader?

Image result for going crazy

Am I a broken reader?

I write this because well… I guess I read, and LOVE, what I see so many hate. Loathe, reject or deny.

Let me start by saying, this post is NOT about anyone. Its not what anyone said or did, but I what I keep stumbling across as the “norm.”

Growl. I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve run across where some say, “Oh for the love of baby kittens, NO MORE GROWLING.”


I fucking love it. Done right, if he growls at her, it shivers me timbers. Am I broken?

Millionaires and surprise babies. There are some who say, give me MORE! Some places actually push that troupe.


What the ever loving fuck? I’m so damn broke and menopausal my head can’t even begin to wrap around that. Not even for a minute. Am I broken?

First vs Third? Again, I’ve run across countless posts, from readers, agents and even editors. Heck, even crit classes. AVOID first.


LOVE it. I often write 1st POV and more often, read it. When done well, you become that character for their story. Don’t get me wrong. If there are many emotions from many characters I think 3rd is best to better get this across to the reader. Am I broken?

There are so many DON’TS that are my DO list that I’m lest wondering…

Am I a broken reader/author?

Weigh in. Gimme your thoughts. I’m curious.


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Food: The dreaded grocery bill!


I’ll be switching gears from food back to romance this week. That said, there are other recipe books in the works.


I’m sort of known as the “holiday” cook as well. ANY holiday and recipes ranging from creating dishes with faces for the Wee Ones running amok, or making a MOUNTAIN of a casserole for the massive gatherings we have.


The “Bobbi Romans Recipes for Giant Sized Families on Fairy Sized Budgets” needs no blurb, but while that is my normal (every day) cooking, I can and do pull out the stops for gatherings.

Bobbi Roman's Recipes for Giant Sized Families on Fairy Sized Budgets! by [Romans, Bobbi]




But for any of you foodies out there, I’m going to share my biggest challenge.


The food BUDGET!




Its darn near impossible to cook recipes AND stay within whatever your shopping limit is. Me? Ours ranges from $250.00-$300.00 a week. Can I cook for less? Of course! But it won’t be recipes I want to try. It will be staple dinners like SOS, Breakfast for dinner, beans and rice and so forth.


HOT DOGS! OMG– remember when that used to be the “cheap” meal? Have you see the price on some of those brands out there? I’d love to try some but with a crew that requires a min of 4 packs for a dinner, simply can’t.


Yes I’m an author, but a fledgling one so no… money isn’t rolling in. Hubby is the sole bread winner in the house with the grown kids here, pitching in a little, as we’re doing our best to help them get back on their financial feet, the grocery tab is about the biggest bill. (House pymt and electric are the only bills to top it)


Lunch time can be tricky. I’ve got to make sure I’ve got both packable lunches for the hubs and Wee Man, but also, lunch items for those of us still here. (4)


Eggs! Yep, eggs can go far. Egg salad, boiled eggs and in a pinch when stretching a dinner, deviled eggs. The Ramen noodle supreme (in the book) and flour tortillas are staples here in the house as well. Come on, a flour tortilla can be ANYTHING!


A breakfast burrito, a cheese taco, heck Wee Man likes his hot dogs in them. Hubby and nephew put whatever, and I mean, WHATEVER dinner is, in one and roll it up at dinner time.


What’s your one favorite food MUST have staple that your family requires in the house?


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A Bobbi Romans, DON’T!


Image may contain: table, dessert, food and indoor

I’m going to try and be more “productive” in my blog, postings.


Right now, a Bobbi Roman’s CATASTROPHE DON’T!!


Do not, I repeat, do NOT attempt to oil and flour cake pans with Canola Oil. Those true bakers out there, QUIT LAGHING!! No, I’ve never tried (apparently) and grabbed my Bakers Joy to discover it empty. I was forcing myself to stay awake last night, around midnight to get the cakes at least baked, for the shower I attended/threw today.


Grabbed the Canola oil, oiled, floured the pans and popped 4 cakes in the oven. (Was a 3-tier cake)


Tried to get the biggest out… half stuck. No biggie, I used strawberry preserves to fill the large gaps in the center. Then made the 2nd large, popped it in the oven, while I began trying to get the other cakes out. ALL but 2 stuck.


I mean, unusable STUCK!!




I got the 2nd large cake out, and attempted to gently inch the edges away, praying it wouldn’t fall apart like the others did. Thought I had it, went to flip it on the other large (preserve filled) cake and …


BAM! Fell apart into a million pieces on the other cake.


I was in TEARS!!! Its now approaching 2 am, and my sweet daughter offers to make a Walmart run. So off she and my SIL go.


She, saw the Bakers Joy, and thought… I bet mom needs this.




Re made ALL the cakes, using Bakers Joy and Voila! Everyone of them came out perfect. Only had about 4 hours sleep (wee miss had leg aches all night) but managed to pull off a semi-decent looking cake that was, (I’m diabetic) according to others, DELICIOUS!


So make a mental note somewhere… NEVER, EVER USE CANOLA for oiling cake pans!!!


Now– chilling after a happy, but long day!




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2 Fab Valentines Giveaways a Recipe & a NEW release!

Coming Valentines Day, I’m finally releasing the cookbook that has been so requested. It won’t be for everyone, but for those with super sized families… this one’s for you!

Image may contain: text

Bobbi Romans Recipes for Giant Sized Families or Fairy Sized Budgets releases on February 14th 2017.

To help celebrate BOTH the release AND Valentines Day, I’ve got not ONE but TWO fun giveaways going on! Simply, 1st-go to my Amazon Author Page here: Amazon Page

then head over to my Bobbi Romans FB Page (Bobbi Romans Books) Here:BobbiRomansBooks and simply comment, “Done” to be entered.

Winners announced on February 15th 2017.

NOT in the recipe book, but for those with little ones and on tight budgets, here’s an easy something I’ve done for years on Valentines Day.

Heart Shaped Meatloaf!

No pan needed. This works for anyone’s preferred recipe, but I’ll tell you how I make mine.

3-5 pounds of ground beef

2-3 pounds of ground pork (or a tube of your favorite sausage works)

3 eggs

Sleeve of crackers (any should work fine, so grab what’s on sale) OR bread crumbs

1 Packet of DRY vegetable OR onion soup mix.

Mix meat with eggs, soup and crackers/crumbs. Kids LOVE helping make this! Just remember to have them wash their hands thoroughly when done.

On cookie sheet or preferred baking pan, shape mixture into a heart OR make individual serving hearts. ( ex: 6 eating=6 mini hearts etc) Pop into 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes. DRAIN grease from pan by gently titling over grease catcher. (In my case its a small silver pan.) Squeeze ketchup over top (to make your heart(s) RED and return to oven. For mini loaves, for about 10 more  minutes, for a full loaf 15-20 more or until meatloaf is thoroughly cooked through in middle. (if you are unsure, use a meat thermometer. I make ENORMOUS loaves and cook time is typically about 30-45 min.)

Let stand about 10-15 minutes before serving.

Now, its Valentines Day, you might want a “special” meatloaf. Make it STUFFED. You can still do the heart shape, but use 1/2 the mixture and press down in your pan. Lay sliced ham and sliced Swiss in the middle. Top with remaining meat THEN form  your heart. Now you have Cordon Bleu Loaf! Instead of ketchup, use a good marinara.

Note: Because its stuffed add 5-10 minutes to cook time.

Happy Valentines Day!

Bobbi Romans





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