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Bobbi Roman's Recipes for Giant Sized Families on Fairy Sized Budgets! by [Romans, Bobbi]

Bobbi Romans’ Recipes for Giant Sized Families on Fairy Sized Budgets is just as you’d imagine. Yummy meals for not-so-normal sized families. Keeping things fresh and appetizing can be tricky when keeping to a strict food allowance.

Come on, let’s admit it, by the time you get spices, vegetables, and meats, the price can skyrocket for just one meal. There are numerous dinnertime recipes, from Momma’s Sour Cream Pot Roast and Waldorf Wraps all the way to the oddities like Momma’s Cucumber Gravy and even a few desserts such as Cream Cheese Peach Cobbler and Black Forest Chocolate Pie!

All super-SIZED while economy priced!

Bobbi Romans Cookbook

Launching Sunday:



Jilted by her fiancé, librarian Maddy Jacobson is nursing a broken heart, when her best friend gives her an early Christmas present. Intended to be a fun, psychic reading in a spooky, tea house, the gift turns out to be life changing. Maddy becomes haunted by a mischievous, Highland ghost.

Ruggedly handsome, Cullen Macfie, the Highlander, has been dead for over three centuries, and never in all those years has he been so attracted to a woman, as he is to Maddy. He falls hopelessly in love and decides to woo her.

Can there be a future for a librarian and a naughty, Highland ghost?

A Highland Ghost for Christmas is a sweet, romantic comedy guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart, make you laugh out loud and leave you craving a man in a kilt … and shortbread, of course.



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COMING 11/11/16

Dark Justice: Vengeance with Sizzle


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Coming Soon

The Society had come to hurt her. Planted a bomb.

They failed.

He’d saved her and died doing so. Or so they thought.

He’d been buried and mourned over.

None knew, he’d only been playing … possum.



Limited Time Only

10 Ebooks- 10 Authors- ONLY .99 Cents!

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ITS BACK and Available exclusively at Shara Azods!

Midnight Velvet


In the dark recesses of the exclusive club, Midnight Velvet, fantasies come alive. Unfortunately getting an invite is impossible. Or so Missy Devaroe thought, until one arrived with her name embroidered on it.

But who sent it and why?

As Mason McDougal, owner of Midnight Velvet watches Missy stumble nervously into the club; he knows she’s in need of a firm hand and hard body.

But does she know?

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Recently Released…


Seal of Approval


“Live large and take charge” were the words Kyron Miller had committed himself to. He had no intentions of waiting for opportunities—chances—life to grasp a hold of him. No, he’d been determined to grab a hold of it when he joined the Navy, became a SEAL and explored the world beyond his doorjamb. He’d stepped out. Unfortunately those steps led to one small metal device that changed everything, his limb count included.

Fawna hadn’t exactly been aware that she’d become complacent in life. Her job as a physical therapist was richly rewarding, though backbreaking and her relationship though a bit routine was long term. In her eyes life was…fine. At least until her routine-long term boyfriend decided he’d found what he wanted in a completely different woman. Jolted by the sudden change and determined to soldier on she finds herself sent for a tailspin the moment she meets a true hero and alpha if there ever was one. The most unconventional of shining knights, Kyron Miller has managed to open her eyes to how comfortable, how boring, she’d become. Too bad her wounded warrior’s confidence has declined. No matter, Fawna’s entire career is built on pushing the limits of others. She has every intention of showing him that he’s far more powerful than he believes.

Before long, both realize precisely how strong Kyron’s dominate nature truly is.

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Armored Hearts


Grace and Damien, two new lovers only wanted to escape for a romantic Valentine’s Day on the beach. Pina Colada’s by tropical waters by day and champagne and strawberries in hot tubs by night. Explore their fledgling love and just maybe finally put a name to it. Boyfriend, girlfriend? Or perhaps something more.

One attack from an old enemy later and their small private charter plane is plunging into the Gulf of Mexico.

Stranded on a deserted island, unsure of when help might arrive, should have made them wary. Would have for most people. Instead, they discover the seclusion needed for wild nights hot enough to penetrate even the most beastly of hearts.

Will survival on the island tear them apart or pull them closer then either imagined possible?

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NOW AVAILABLE Via Shara Azod, LLC (Coming Soon to Amazon, B&N, ARe and more!)


Collin Mathews lived a simple life in a simple town. Work, beer and getting laid.

Yeah, life was good. Until he overheard, “Hide and seek, hide and seek, find the rainbow and earn your treat.”

Ever since he’d heard those words and found the exotic naked beauty singing them, his  world had been anything but normal. Uncovering the fact his mysterious woman might be a leprechaun shook his entire being.

Maybe this strange turn in his life isn’t about pots of gold at the end of rainbows but treasures far more exquisite…

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Surprise Release! Just out– UPDRAFT!
Updraft 453x680

A Short & Fiery little tale!


What happens when a blind date turns into an inferno?

Pray for an updraft.

And a smoking hot fireman who’ll stoke the flames rather than extinguish.

Only .99 cents!

Buy Here:
Released THIS MONTH Two Tales to Please!

Under the Full Moon- Book 2 in the Swamp Magic Series ANDDDDDDDDD Table for Three-Hold the Blood a mix of Erotic /Horror!

Under the Full Moon


Deep in the humid swamps, a sorcerous war rages. Demetrius, heir to the late Swamp Witch, hunts down the men his mother left bound by her dark magic.

Cursed to be a laughably undangerous swamp creature, armadillo shifter Damien stays deep in his cave. Well hidden and out of sight.

Until he met Grace.

Grace gave up on love ten years ago, when her fiancé, Henry, disappeared in the swamp. Yeah, she’d heard tales of swamp men, swamp witches, and cursed creatures, but she hadn’t truly believed in them.

Then she met Damien.

As enemies emerge and alliances tangle, one thing becomes clear: only the strongest will survive. Thrust together in the face of imminent danger, Grace and Damien become close, connecting in ways they’d never imagined, until a secret from the past threatens their fledgling bond.

As the future collides with the past, the duo fight to stay alive and to discover if true love really can strike twice.

Sensuality Level: Sensual

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Also available; B & N, ARe, iTunes, Sony and numerous other ebook retailers.


Blurb: Shana, Erron, and Marklon hadn’t realized life had more than a committed threesome in store for them. Like catching the serial killer monster who is leaving bloody body parts in restaurants throughout their small town—on platters no less.

The first murder and subsequent meal/gag occurred not long ago, at the upscale eatery, Carnal Cravings. Not long after, nearly every restaurant in town had served up some form of unexpected tartar. Heads on platters stuffed like prize pigs at luaus and people popsicles. Even deli-wrapped penises, taking Oscar Meyer Weiner to a whole new plane of pun, have rocked the sleepy little town of Crow Manor Maine to a state of panic.

It was then the nightmares began for Shana and her two men. It wasn’t long before she realized they weren’t nightmares but visions. They’d become at tuned to the killer. As the threesome fight for their love and their lives, old skeletons tumble out of the closet that could literally carve them to shreds.

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Noble Romance:


Also available, ARe, B & N, Bookstrand and other numerous Ebook retailers.
Latest Release…

Swamp Magic


Deep in the muggy swamps where there is but one rule, kill or be killed, a new species has emerged – born not from nature but spawned from evil.

Octavia wasn’t stupid. Those unfortunate souls who have crossed paths with her didn’t just become swamp creatures, they became the least deadly of them. She hadn’t counted on the strong spirits of those she’d cursed.

From those murky swamp depths, a hero emerged. The type from which legends are born.

Moss, whose sensual iridescent tattoos are in fact thanks to his reptilian side, still struggles to come to terms with his fate and wants nothing more than to be left alone.

Beth’s life becomes upturned when she reluctantly agrees to accompany her idiotic brother on a hunt for the Bog Man. When she becomes separated from the others she comes face to face with the legend himself . . . only no one ever mentioned how damn sexy he was.

The swamp’s dark history tests the duo on their survival skills as well as luring them deeper into the magic of the swamp.

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Available through

as well as Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, I-Tunes and more!


Table for Three-Hold the Blood (TBA)

An American Holiday-Turkey, Cranberry Sauce & Prozac – Nov 2013

A Christmas of Coal & Mistletoe – Dec 13th 2013


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