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Halloween Treats & Contests Galore!

This is my favorite time of year. All the holidays are right around the corner, the air holds a fresh, crisp feel and the parties will be happening!

1st up- head on over to my BobbiRomansBooks FB page to win a Halloween Themed Treat! Go here:

Next is your chance to WIN Lex Valentine’s latest HOT release, The Pixie King simply by running by here and commenting!

Now– Who here has little ones or big ones with the hearts of wee ones? I’m big on the whole decorating and cooking with holiday inspired dishes.

A few ideas-

Monster Fingers and Blood Soup –  (roll flat, breadsticks and stuff with ham and cheese. Then using a knife score in the indents of knuckles and a finger nail. Last, paint nail with egg white dyed with green or blue food coloring then bake for 8-10 min.) Serve with Tomato (Blood) soup!

(Not my picture but this gives you the idea)

Frankenstein Casserole – ( Simply make a thick chili however you normally do, then top with uncooked cornbread mix. Slice green pepper and add to top (hair) Red bell pepper (for lips) 2 green olives w/pimentos (eyes) sliced onions (teeth) baby carrot (nose) chopped black olives (eye brows) and lastly two large black olives down at the sides of “neck” for his “conductors.” Bake for about 30-45 min or until cornbread is browned and golden. The face stays PUT as the cornbread is to thick for it to sink through! YUMMY and the kids LOVE helping create!

I’ll be sharing MORE treat ideas throughout the month!

Bobbi Romans


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Happy Halloween

Let me start by saying I hope everyone has a fun & safe Halloween!

Today is the last day of the 13 Days of Halloween Blog Hop! We end today with a super creepy and cool interview Candi Fox had! Check it out here:

Then, I’ve posted another contest on my FB Author Page. Thats TWO chances too win! The other chance is right here… scroll a few posts down to find it. BOTH contests close at MIDNIGHT tonight with winners announced Sunday afternoon.

Go here for the FB Chance:

P.S. Remember to set those clocks back tonight!

Bobbi Romans

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13 Days of Halloween Blog Hop

I’m featuring TWO stops today but, don’t forget the open contest (one post below) that  I’ll leave open until Midnight Halloween Night!

Today’s featured authors are…

Monica Corwin and Zoe Dawson! Boy have these two worked up some naughty treats!

To check out Monica’s FAB contribution to the hop, go here:

And then HOP on over to Zoe Dawson’s here:

Happy Halloween!

Bobbi Romans

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13 Days of Halloween- MY day! Squee ~

13 Days of Halloween Blog Hop

Whoop- Whoop-Today’s my hop day!
(Psst– might be a contest-so read on!)

So, are your ready yet? Decorations up? Candy bowl filled? Costume picked?
We’re ready here. Even have some pics to share. My neighborhood happens to be one of the “it” neighborhoods to hit up. Yes, like the police block the entrance in about an hour or so into the night. You can walk in, but they stop anyone from driving in (fire hazard reasons) due to all the traffic.

I start buying the 100 PLUS piece bags of candy every week starting in September to make sure I have enough. (Yes, we get that many)

Something else we do traditionally, is have monster fingers and blood soup and ghosts in the graveyard for dinner!

Essentially its stuffed breadsticks (ham & cheese) and the ends are formed rounded (like the end of your finger) and using a knife the impression of a fingernail is scored in. Using an egg yolk and green or blue food coloring, the nail is painted and then the breadsticks are baked about 10 min. (or until golden) Serve with tomato (blood) soup. Ghosts in the graveyard is a rich chocolate dessert where you use 1/2 the milk required to make chocolate pudding, then crush up chocolate cookies or Oreos and mix those and 1/2 tub of cool whip into the pudding. Top with more crushed chocolate cookies (dirt) then using flat cookies (like the coconut ones) and decorating icing, spell words (on the flat cookies) like R.I.P etc, and push gently into the pudding until they stand up. Add candy corn pumpkins about and using a teaspoon and the rest of the cool whip, form little ghosts.

Now, onto the adult fun!

Freshly released and in perfect time for Halloween we have…

The Sinful Chocolatier!

Palm and her best friend Trixie had a happy routine. Whenever time allowed, they hit their favorite mom-and-pop shop, namely The Chipper Chocolatier. A few times a month they also hit the Ferocious Felines Club, the strip club where Kane, the hot-ass fireman, danced and got his flirt on with Palm. Instead of putting out fires, he started them, and not just blazes: infernos.

When Troy had to take on a second job to help his parents out, he never thought he’d love it so much. But color him surprised; he loved dancing–especially for the sexy brunette who came in with her friend every time he worked.

When chocolate and stripper collide, a new world of decadent desires erupt. But will Troy’s double life create the perfect recipe to be savored at length…or be a one-time indulgence?

Loose Id:

Also here are two other FUN Halloween Reads!

Fangs for Everything (actually set around a Halloween Party)

Special Notes: While there is a very small mention of characters found in my Swamp Magic Series, it isn’t part of it. Non Swamp Magic readers wouldn’t know, but to any regular readers who have read, it would just be a small, oh cool, kind of moment.

Sabrina Miller normally loves fall, the upcoming holidays and especially the big annual Halloween bash. This year she feels itchy for something more, something different. Magical even. Might just be she’s hornier than a hound dog in heat during the longest dry spell she’s ever had. Though she has high hopes for the party, she fears the night might turn out to be no more than a dirty trick.

In a town where everyone either dresses as cheerleaders, football players or vampires, she spots him.

Van Helsing!

Van only intended on popping in to the party for a quick bite. But among the many sexily, scantily clad cheerleaders one woman stood out.

The Bride of Dracula, no less.

When the woman and her friends are attacked, Van knows he’s the only one with enough knowledge about the attacker to save them.

But saving his heart from the young woman fate lured him to will be another battle.

Sometimes in order to win the battle, one must lose the war.

Shara Azod, LLC:

** If you’re a true HOROR/GORY Story lover than try…**

Table for Three-Hold the Blood
(a sort of ménage a horror)

Shana, Erron, and Marklon hadn’t realized life had more than a committed threesome in store for them. Like catching the serial killer monster who is leaving bloody body parts in restaurants throughout their small town—on platters no less.

The first murder and subsequent meal/gag occurred not long ago, at the upscale eatery, Carnal Cravings. Not long after, nearly every restaurant in town had served up some form of unexpected tartar. Heads on platters stuffed like prize pigs at luaus and people popsicles. Even deli-wrapped penises, taking Oscar Meyer Weiner to a whole new plane of pun, have rocked the sleepy little town of Crow Manor Maine to a state of panic.

It was then the nightmares began for Shana and her two men. It wasn’t long before she realized they weren’t nightmares but visions. They’d become attuned to the killer. As the threesome fight for their love and their lives, old skeletons tumble out of the closet that could literally carve them to shreds.


CONTEST ALERT: Tell me which book piques your interest and why for your chance to-
                      ** WIN IT  AND A TAROT READING!! **


                       But the 13 Days of Halloween isn’t over!!

Be sure and head on over to Louisa Bacio’s : where she’s got a treat in store for you too!

Happy Halloween- Bobbi Romans


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