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The Perfect Dessert for a Warm Weather Holiday!

                A perfect dessert for a warm weather holiday.

Recipe time! A perfect dessert for a warm weather holiday. (or any warm weather event)

Thought I I’d share a recipe with you that’s super easy, fast and perfect for a warm weather holiday.

A yellow or butter cake mix. Bake per instructions, using rectangular glass baking pan.
Let cool.
Using a toothpick, press into different spots on the cake, swirling a bit to create tiny (deep) holes.
Get a box of strawberry jello (can be any flavor really or more than one!) instead of adding 2 cups of boiling water as per instructions, use ONE. Whisk until mixed, then pour over the cake evenly.
Set in fridge for at least 1 1/2-2 hours.
Top with whipped cream and strawberries.


Optional: You can use more than one flavor in  cake. I wouldn’t push it past 3 flavors and if doing so, do NOT use all the jello. Just enough to line a row or tow, then same with the next flavors. For children’s parties, or if expecting a large crowd, I’ve done green apple, mango, peach etc. Each one was a hit.  What  haven’t tried… but have thought about… chocolate cake, with CHERRY jello then whipped cream for a black forest type flavor.


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Tuesday Tips & Tweaks over at…

The fabulous Beverly Bateman’s!

Stop in and see what tips I shared and say hi!

Thanks and Happy Writing!

Bobbi Romans

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From one odd duck to another…

I figured it was time for another blog post.

After a very trying week filled with humility, the loss of a friend and the realization an email reply I’d highly anticipated wouldn’t be forthcoming as urm… I’d used the wrong address, I sat back to do some hard thinking.

Out of the blue a quote from The Help, popped to mind.

“You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

We should all repeat those words in our mirror’s every morning before we start out day.

Something a dear author friend once said came back next.

You have to believe in yourself or don’t expect others to. When maneuvering these tricky, ever evolving waters surrounding publishing in general, you are selling your product. YOU are how they will earn money. YOU ARE IMPORTANT.

As I thought of these two things I realized something.

I will not eat shit to sell a book. Whom I’m pitching knows what they want and it might not be mine, but that doesn’t mean, someone else isn’t looking for it. I’m not going to join the reindeer games because it will look good. If I join it’s because I’ve chosen to, for information, new friends or both.

I will always be the odd duck out. The one that never quite fits in, though is friends with many.

Maybe the most valuable lesson I’m finally coming to understand, is though it may still sting when others side-eye you… embrace who you are, no matter how quirky you might be.

Bobbi Romans- Quirky Author, Quirkier Person!


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