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Am I a broken reader?

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Am I a broken reader?

I write this because well… I guess I read, and LOVE, what I see so many hate. Loathe, reject or deny.

Let me start by saying, this post is NOT about anyone. Its not what anyone said or did, but I what I keep stumbling across as the “norm.”

Growl. I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve run across where some say, “Oh for the love of baby kittens, NO MORE GROWLING.”


I fucking love it. Done right, if he growls at her, it shivers me timbers. Am I broken?

Millionaires and surprise babies. There are some who say, give me MORE! Some places actually push that troupe.


What the ever loving fuck? I’m so damn broke and menopausal my head can’t even begin to wrap around that. Not even for a minute. Am I broken?

First vs Third? Again, I’ve run across countless posts, from readers, agents and even editors. Heck, even crit classes. AVOID first.


LOVE it. I often write 1st POV and more often, read it. When done well, you become that character for their story. Don’t get me wrong. If there are many emotions from many characters I think 3rd is best to better get this across to the reader. Am I broken?

There are so many DON’TS that are my DO list that I’m lest wondering…

Am I a broken reader/author?

Weigh in. Gimme your thoughts. I’m curious.



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Tuesday Pet Peeve

George Carlin "I Don't Have Pet Peeves..." 8 Inch Quote Magnet

Quick post on a pet peeve I have. We are ALL writers. I don’t give a flying petunia’s petal whether you are traditional or indie.

I either like it, or I don’t.

This whole business of putting one down or the other is fluffing my feathers and NOT in a good way. Almost daily now I see some author “toting” how her shit is the bomb. She/He is the just the best because of.


You are so bomb-diggidity that if you went indie/or signed with a publisher, your work would what…be shitty? You can only write one way?

Because I’m not quite getting that reasoning.

Either you can write or you can’t. Shouldn’t matter which way you end up choosing to go.

Some of my all time favorite authors do BOTH.

Food for thought.

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Another day in Momville.

I kept my writing promise, but barely. Got a wee over 1000 wds in on Sunday. Today, plotted for the remaining chapters of Dead Man Rising.  Bk 3 in the Swamp Magic Series.

Of course that was all I could considering the baby was teething and I decided to de-clutter the linen closet.

4 trash bags filled with sheets, etc, will be on the way to Goodwill tomorrow.

Between it all, I made a simple dinner of chicken and rice. Was all I had in me. Did plan tomorrows menu as well.

Creamed chipped beef over homemade biscuits.

Tomorrow, hopefully getting what was plotted into the story, then a bit of promotional things for Under the Full Moon, which released back in June. UTFM is Bk2 in the Swamp Magic Series.

So far readers are swooning over Damien…the armadillo shifter in the series.

Well heading to bed. Sweet Dreams whoever reads the blog.



(PS didn’t hide in the bathroom today playing Words with Friends with an amaretto sour. Maybe tomorrow. )

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