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Let’s talk CAKE!


Let’s talk CAKE! How many of us are the “make it at home” kind? No matter what our child/loved one/friend asks for, we think…




Doing so can be the best fun ever or bring us to our knee’s in EPIC sized melt-downs! Hahaha. I did a wedding cake once, simply to help a friend reduce the cost of her upcoming nuptials. Yes, I had warned I had NEVER done a tiered cake before. Sure, I’ve done layers, but not tiers.


O-M-G! All the tiers were sliding all over the place. I ripped a rack from the freezer and after utilizing every toothpick in the house, FROZE that darn thing! In hindsight, the wooden skewers probably would have done the trick but I’m not the best thinker in panic mode.


Below are some of the cakes I’ve made and some hints and tips.  Have fun and the skies the limit.


Hamburger Cake the Teen requested one year. (Enlarge the pic and you can see how it was put together.)


4- 9 inch cakes. (2) Yellow cakes, and (2) Chocolate cakes, carefully slice one through the center, and cut one into a square shape then cut in half, with the halves put in-between the two other cakes (burgers) to give the illusion of cheese. REAL sesame seeds (try seasame cookies if you ever get a chance. LOW sugar and delicious!) The rest was just playing with food coloring and icing.


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Bacon Cake (same teen requested this)


Now this isn’t your typical “sweet” cake. But he said he wanted a bacon cake for his birthday so I sat down and thought it out. What I came up with, was baking two 9 inch BISCUITS (using my cake pans) and icing with cream cheese, and putting bacon and shredded cheddar between the biscuits and on top.


He LOVED it!


(Couldn’t find the pic)




Pizza Cake (Yes… same teen. I think he tests me each birthday)


I got rather lucky with this one, as a Pizza Cake isn’t all that hard. BUT–I lucked out when I called our local Fun Station, where his party was being held, and was able to BUY a pizza box. I used my 14 inch (large) round cake pan and made a yellow cake. I used RED icing (for marinara) then sprinkled shaved white chocolate over it (shredded mozzarella) and placed sliced black jelly beans here and there. (black olives) Brown M’M’s for Sausage, and play with whatever ingredients you want to make an awesome Pizza Cake!


(Hunted for an hour and can’t find the pic, but you get the idea)




Lady Bug Smash Cake & Cupcakes!


Did this one for a friend. I used a Pot Pie tin for the smash cake. Red icing, Oreos, Devils Food Cookies and some licorice was all it took!


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Now, as I said, I SUCK at Tiered cakes, but most recently for a Nieces baby shower, she wanted one and sent me a pic. I botched the Lace like appearance on the top tier, but used Strawberry Preserves between the center layers for the extra strawberry kick she wanted. I used the 14 inch pan for the bottom, (2) 9 inch for the middle, and my smallest pan, (I think its a 6 inch) for the top. Her theme was baby elephants and colors, blue and grey. I have never used fond in my life and with so many swearing it tastes crappy, just used a real ribbon around the middle. we simply pulled off prior to eating. ALSO, I did buy the cake cardboards, I  used between size layers.



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Triple Chocolate Overload


4 layers with 9 inch pans. Starting from bottom layer, Devils food fudge, chocolate, devils food fudge, chocolate. Then I heated up Hot Fudge (as in the ice-cream topping) and poured some between each layer, smoothing it out and letting it completely refirm BEFORE adding the next cake layer. Then I iced the whole cake. (Once cooled, I added whipped cream and more hot fudge on top)

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Candy Bar Cake

I played with different shaped cakes, so its a bit rough looking, but boy did he enjoy it. I stuck mini candy bars between the warm layers for extra chocolate kick though out.

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Easy Easter Cake

Green dyed coconut flakes, Peeps, Vanilla Wafer type cookies and real plastic eggs. You could also add, a Twizzler to make a HANDLE. 🙂

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Lets talk EBAY cakes!

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Okay, all those nifty decorations and party favors? EBAY stores. All three cake toppers are edible icing that comes in sheets (in all sizes and even cupcake sizes) from Ebay! Comes on waxed sheets. Just pop in freezer a few minutes before putting on cake and they come right off the wax background. Place on top of icing and they melt in.

The princess cake, was a tiara from Ebay, white sugar crystals, and candy pearls.

I’m no Cake Master by farrr…. but I can create the kids  fun birthdays, customized to the theme of their choosing, all while on a serious budget!

Have questions? Ask away.

Bobbi Romans

(If searching for my romance novels or 1st cookbook, simply go to Amazon and search my name. But I try not to LINK LINK LINK in overload.)




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