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Food for Thought: Mental Health


This is a topic so near and dear to my heart. We NEED more mental health faculties. NEED. No, not to toss people in and throw away the key. Anyone battling a mental illness can attest the spectrum is LARGE. One might be suffering a minor case of depression or anxiety or one may be seeing men in black chasing them.

Most mental health medications can take up to 30 days to kick in. THIRTY. So what happens during this 30 days? What happens when (as is often the case) when your doctors, push/urge/force a med change—several times a year?

Society is left with normally fine, now potential dangerous individuals free. Family can call all they want to explain their loved one isn’t themselves. Are seeing and hearing and things, which let’s be honest, would be freaking frightening!

I sure as heck don’t want men in black following me or the horrific fear loved ones are poisoning me. I use those examples as a loved one, has the delusions often. Living with that, has to be hell on earth.

While my loved one has not shown signs of being dangerous to anyone, but possibly herself (she disappears, barefooted, in CO in snow) others (Adam Lanza perhaps?) show clear signs of danger. Without years of monitoring how do we know who will, or won’t snap? I truly feel if there were more mental health facilities, and the stigma of mental illness were gone (proper education on and in many cases honesty that we’ve all had moments) proper care could be had.

Maybe a two week stay to make sure the person reacted well to the meds?


I’m writing this after reading another heart breaking article (here: where a mother sought help the day before she killed her 2 children.

How many of us have had the moment, where we can feel a rage or deep sadness building, we know it’s happening, but we can’t stop it. For most of us it passes quickly and we stay in control, but others aren’t so lucky. It doesn’t pass as quickly. It lingers and digs cold fingers in refusing to let go.

Now imagine there were a place, locally, where they could check themselves in. Without a Bakers Act or embarrassment? Where they could admit, I think I’m having a moment, and I want to be safe. I want my family/friends/co-workers, safe.

How many could be spared emotional pain and scars if not life itself.

As of now it darn near takes an act of congress for those suffering mental illness to get proper care. Did you know most must pay for their own meds while living on SSI? Now, its been a few years, but my mother’s SSI was $680.00 a month. Could you live on that? Now add in the cost (even co-pays) of medication.

If you had to chose between a roof over your head or trying to go without meds, which would you chose?

So often I see posts where some ask “why did they do this?” “why didn’t their family step in?” often it’s BOTH tried and were unable to receive the help they needed.

Again, ask yourself this?

If you truly thought someone was trying to hurt/kill you…wouldn’t you feel you had the right to protect/prevent/stop the person at all costs?

Often those suffering a break, truly, in the hearts/minds, feel this. Are they wrong?


So what can be done?


Food for thought on your Wednesday.


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