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Dear Short Little Rebel,

You make a post, minus video, closing comments off and state your feelings. While I get your point, that in almost every case we read, see or hear, there are TWO-SIDES to every coin, your hurtful words based on your “opinion” and yes, you state fact when it is in your “FEELINGS” is doing much the same as your chastising post.

Both sides (based on your comment the teacher didn’t know Caleb thought he was speaking) failed, Caleb. The one in the end that was hurt most, was Caleb. The Teacher is grown and though the hateful rhetoric poised at her, was vulgar and mean, she, as a capable adult, can deep down rationalize “some” of it.

Caleb, cannot.

Many things could have been done to prevent this.Mom whispering to the teacher “he wants to say Goble-Gooble” because, what would allowing a little boy to say Gobble, Gobble have hurt? Two simple words could have given a large gift to a little boy who struggles every day.

I’m the parent of such a child… their struggle daily, is FACT.

In the video you conveniently left off– you can hear “gasps” from other parents as the teacher “Snatches” and yes… I saw the video. SHE SNATCHED it with force and turned her back on a clearly, upset child. Autistic or not, that was a DOUCHE move and she’s paying the piper for it. If, as you state violent threats are coming her way, than no–that’s taking things way too far. But she DID react inappropriately to this situation.

I SAW the video and that is FACT.

According to you, MOM did too. You go on to say, he never attended practices, maybe that was for the best? Either way, a simple Gooble-Gooble, an innocent want, of an innocent child was ignored, and you say “he’s entitled” but then the mom “wants others to treat him the same”–well Ms. Short Rebel, there is no “regular” with Autism. It hurts. It can cut a parent to the bone knowing our child rarely fits in, no matter how hard they may try. Then we see beautiful actions and emotions so raw, many other children wouldn’t have experienced and our hearts are filled with hope.

Autism is a cursed blessing.

We have brilliant, beautiful children that are of their own world but yet which we often cannot merge into our own.

Until you can understand this, I suggest laying off the “entitled” comments.

You haven’t walked down the bumpy, golden road.

Original Video: Caleb Youtube Video

Short Little Rebels Post Link: Short Little Rebels Link

Bobbi Romans

Author-Mom- Grandmother- Wife– basically, a human with compassion.


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Bobbi Romans


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