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East Bend, N.C. (Plot Twist!)


Well peeps, a major opportunity arouse that if taken, required a move from Florida to North Carolina. After serious discussions, the family decided…

LETS DO THIS! (Thus my hiatus)

So, last July, I packed up as much as I could and headed for Winston Salem, N.C. From there we anticipated a slow, nicely paced move…urm, then came Irma. I kicked things in high gear, went from house hunting to simply looking for a place to rent. Found an adorable place in a small farming community called, East Bend.


Life is drastically different. I haven’t (and still don’t) have my laptop back with my memorized passwords, so was and am limited to my work computer.

I DID have a release a few weeks/month ago that at last check was FREE (whoop-whoop) at the Loose Id publisher site. Tropical Sins is a fun little read to help soak up these last remaining warm (summer-ish) weeks before fall is “technically” felt, depending where you are.

I’ll hop on later and explain more about this sudden move (with some pictures) but wanted to at least, give an explanation to my sudden disappearance.

Hope all is well with all of you reading this, and if you ARE reading this…how was your summer?




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