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* Table for Three-Hold the Blood *

Currently ranked #12 at Amazon under Erotic/Horror!!

Go get your fun thrills and chills on for FREE!

Happy Weekend and PLEASE help me spread the word.




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New Release, Chat, Sale and Freebie Update

Release, Chat & Sales (AND FREE)Update

To Yank a Tiger by the Tail

Most recently releasedTo Yank a Tiger by the Tail (Paranormal) available NOW through SharaAzod, LLC (Coming SOON to Amazon, B&N, ARe and other ebook retailers) Get reintroduced to SEXY Tiger Shifter Dax and meet rough around the edges, Biker Shifter, Starl.

CHAT– Writerspace tomorrow night. (I’ll have a prize or two to give out)

FREE- Table for Three-Hold the Blood a FUN, bloody ménage romp will be FREE this coming weekend. (For the weekend)

Still ON SALE for $1.99 (Only through February) Both Books, 1 and 2 in the Swamp Magic Series.

Book 1: Swamp Magic:

Book 2: Under the Full Moon:

Armored Hearts, Book 2.5 in the Swamp Magic Series!

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Winter Storm Ruins Valentines? NOT!

So this morning I see headlines….”Winter Storm may ruin Valentines.”


It goes on to show how flower orders may be held up.

Now guys and gals, do you really require the must have of flowers to pull off a romantic Valentine’s Day? If so, your relationship future is already in jeopardy.

Together and snowed in? Make dinner together. Nude. (Just don’t make a fried anything) Get creative with those board games. Forget points, use those scrabble letters to make love words. Scattegories? Make each name be something romantic…or dirty. *wink*

Apart and unable to make it the other party? Get your TECHNOLOGICAL freak on. Send photos of what you WOULD have liked to give the other, then end your night, uh, well…you get it. Don’t want to chance becoming the next x-rated viral hit? Both agree on a movie/youtube video etc and watch together. Don’t have split screen, have check in times where you go back to Skyping or texting.

Have children and snowed in?

Break out some crafts, hide snacks around the house, and have them hide some for you.

Heart Shaped Meatloaves, Potatoes heart shaped.

No chocolate in sight? Get creative with other forms of sweets.

Pancakes formed into hearts and topped with whatever you have in the house. Chocolate syrup, cinnamon sautéed apples, just whatever you’ve got. Or add a little red food coloring for a touch of flair.

Bottom line, a Winter Storm can bring couples and/or families together for quality snuggling time.

As for you single peeps…OWN this day as well! Grab that cheesecake, throw on your warm fuzzy, ugly old pajamas, grab a fork and open up that favorite book for a relaxing evening with no stress. 🙂

Enjoy Your Valentines!    

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Tuesday Pet Peeve

George Carlin "I Don't Have Pet Peeves..." 8 Inch Quote Magnet

Quick post on a pet peeve I have. We are ALL writers. I don’t give a flying petunia’s petal whether you are traditional or indie.

I either like it, or I don’t.

This whole business of putting one down or the other is fluffing my feathers and NOT in a good way. Almost daily now I see some author “toting” how her shit is the bomb. She/He is the just the best because of.


You are so bomb-diggidity that if you went indie/or signed with a publisher, your work would what…be shitty? You can only write one way?

Because I’m not quite getting that reasoning.

Either you can write or you can’t. Shouldn’t matter which way you end up choosing to go.

Some of my all time favorite authors do BOTH.

Food for thought.

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Swamp Magic Series Update (& Mega Sale!)



Lizards, Armadillos, Opossums…Oh My!

Yep, you  heard right. And Book One in the series (Bk 2 as well) is ON SALE during the month of February.

Many, many great authors and stories are featured in Crimson Romance’s Feb Blowout!

Also, coming soon…Armored Hearts Part 2.5 in the Swamp Magic Series.


Deep in the muggy swamps where there is but one rule, kill or be killed, a new species has emerged – born not from nature but spawned from evil.

Octavia wasn’t stupid. Those unfortunate souls who have crossed paths with her didn’t just become swamp creatures, they became the least deadly of them. She hadn’t counted on the strong spirits of those she’d cursed.

From those murky swamp depths, a hero emerged. The type from which legends are born.

Moss, whose sensual iridescent tattoos are in fact thanks to his reptilian side, still struggles to come to terms with his fate and wants nothing more than to be left alone.

Beth’s life becomes upturned when she reluctantly agrees to accompany her idiotic brother on a hunt for the Bog Man. When she becomes separated from the others she comes face to face with the legend himself . . . only no one ever mentioned how damn sexy he was.

The swamp’s dark history tests the duo on their survival skills as well as luring them deeper into the magic of the swamp.…

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