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August 30, 2013 · 1:39 pm

Was interviewed by award winning author DA Kentner! Whee ~

Check it out here:


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Book Chatter & Book Giveaways- Starts NOW

Join some of the amazing Crimson Romance authors as they chat books, blurbs and giveaway goodies!

Starts NOW.



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Randomness- Bullies, Noble Romance & Prologues.

Randomness = I’m basically not awake enough to jump into the WIP.

So this week several interesting things went on I’m making an opinion on (opinion) and in my own personal area. *waves hands around in a circle*

#1 Anti Bullies become Bullies?

I’m the sort who used to have a bad knee-jerk reaction to jumping into the middle of fray, ruckus, throw-down, bruhaha in the defense of friend, BLINDLY. *hangs head*

I took word for word the claims. Until one day I took time to actually start at the beginning and investigate what was being said. Turns out in my strong need to help stop a bully, I’d inadvertently become the bully. *hangs head lower*


Girl One– “Why don’t you like me? What did I ever do to you?” *wails*

Girl Two– “I just don’t like you. You’re a douchebaggery bitch of epic proportions.” Girl Two puts this on her Facebook status. Several friends, ‘Like’ her status.

Girl One, shocked, tells her friends. She’s hurt, confused and generally feeling ill about now. This girl, Girl One, puts these feelings on her Facebook status. Girl One’s friends, comment in shock and awe. They not only ‘like’ said status but ‘share’ said status.

Now Girl One is feeling a bit braver and vindicated. So she goes back Girl Two.

Girl One (to Girl Two)- “You’re the bitch. My friends said so. You need to be run out of town. You need to flee because they are going to beat you up. They are going to make suffer terrible hemorrhoids.”

*But* it doesn’t end there. Girl One’s friends have now joined. They too, are now making hate filled comments to Girl Two.

Wheeeee–now it’s gone Viral. Many, many are involved. For whatever reason, Girl One, begins deleting her comments back to Girl Two. The only comments left are those of Girl Two alone. (which makes me wonder, did she get a bad review, reply, get snark, return snark then BOOM-we have this blow-up?)

THIS IS WHERE the Anti Bullies, walk a fine line to ‘Becoming’ bullies themselves.

Even without the conversation being complete…droves are still showing unity for Girl One on the face value of her claim. While Girl One, was most certainly the recipient of asshattary, and yeah, some loyal friends came to have her back (good thing)…what of the rest of us now blindly going after Girl Two?

Fine line my friends, fine line.

Okay, I said Randomness, I wasn’t kidding.

#2 Noble Romance Publishing Closes their doors.

Most may already heard, Noble Romance Publishing has decided to close their doors. That said, Table for Three-Hold the Blood as well as another title, are NO longer available. I will update, if/when this status changes.

#3 To Prologue or Not to Prologue that is the Question?

Conversations have been heating up everywhere about this author/editor controversy. While to most everything in life there is an exception,

Fact: Agent/Editor Panel at Silken Sands Conference 2012 – It was NO. A few admitted they HAD seen where one worked, the claim that it was rare followed with several who said if they open a MS and see a prologue, they don’t read, OR at best, will read chapter one to see if strong enough WITHOUT the prologue.

Fact: Another publisher recently stated (as in yesterday) NO PROLOGUE.

This brings the total times I’ve heard NO to 6. Six publishing houses/agents/editors who have stated no.

Opinion: There are exceptions, but if the majority call it a bad idea, why take the chance? Make chapter one strong enough without the need of.

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Please Welcome Author Codi Gary!

I’m delighted to have fellow author and twitter friend, Codi Gary. She’s chatting about her release and the EIGHTIES!! Duckie man…Duckie.

When you end up with a Duckie…

So I’m a lover of 80’s movies (especially the brat pack high school romances). My favorite movie is by John Hughes called Some Kind of Wonderful.

Now, the story goes, when they were making Pretty in Pink, Andy was supposed to end up with Duckie, but they changed it because of chemistry issues between Ringwald and Crier. Hughes wasn’t happy because he wanted a friends to lovers story, so Some Kind of Wonderful was his make up! I agreed with Molly Ringwald on the issue of Duckie. For me, I loved him but he was so over the top embarrassing that I would have had a hard time falling for him romantically. I loved him for who he was and always having Andy’s best interests at heart, but I couldn’t see them together. If Duckie had calmed down, if maybe he had been a little less dramatic, maybe, but that wasn’t the character John Hughes wrote.

Which brings me to Some Kind of Wonderful. Here you have two best friends (Keith and Watts). Watt’s is head over heels for him, but he is too hung up on beautiful, popular Amanda Jones to see what’s right in front of him. Then you have the kiss between them when she’s helping him “practice” for his big date with Amanda. Sparks flew so hot I’m surprised they didn’t combust. For me, this is what friends to lovers is supposed to be. One or both of them oblivious to how obviously right they were for each other and the steam that appears on the screen (or on the pages) that shows you that moment where they start to realize it to.

In my first novella, The Trouble with Sexy, Gregg and Ryan liked each other, but had no idea the other felt that way. It isn’t until she gets her makeover that Gregg gets the guts to go for it before he loses her to someone else.

For me, if a woman is in love with a man, and he doesn’t realize it, he’s oblivious and needs some shaking up. For a woman to not realize it, my first thought is…what’s the obstacle? Is she in another relationship? Is she afraid it won’t work out and she’ll lose him as a friend? What’s the motivation for not seeing something that should be obvious (usually, guys aren’t very subtle.)

So when I’m writing this story line and the two have been friends for a while, I have to think of reasons why they haven’t gotten together before now and what’s going to make the timing right this time? Does the reasoning make sense? Do the characters have that spark? I ask myself these questions so I don’t end up with a major rewrite…or a consolation novel later on.

Oh Codi, I get it. I do! The timing is everything and the chemistry must be perfect. As an eighties fan myself, I think of movies like, St. Elmo’s Fire and The Breakfast Club. Would Molly have given the ‘bad boy’ the time of day if not tossed into detention with him?

Thank you for coming and bringing back awesome memories and sharing some insight on your inner thinkings when writing.


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True Blood Season Finale Party w/ gifts TONIGHT!!!

True Blood Swag Being passed out TONIGHT!!

Join the event here:

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W.I.P Snippet

“Her hand stayed on his bicep, while her fingers moved back and forth in a near petting fashion, and the realization his body temperature dropped more hit her. His skin, so cold it simply didn’t seem natural. His pallor pale and now looked more gray than anything else.

Last night the staff assured her Trick’s vitals appeared to be doing much better. Something changed during the night. Trick seemed to be giving up and no one could explain why.

The shrill sound of a siren went off and she lifted her head as the sounds of numerous footsteps thundered in their direction sparing a frightened glance at Trick.

Though he made no sounds or movements, she sensed him leaving them.

Leaving her.”

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