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Writerly Update on disappearing books…

A publisher I’m with (and dear friend) suggested I box-set my older books for print availability. Something that these particular books have never offered before.

So, if you see a sudden disappearance, now you know.

There will be 3 sets. One contemporary set, one paranormal set (which will hold the non-series para’s) and one White Shifter Series set. So if any of these were stories you’d wished you could hold in print… hang on, they’re on the way!




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Here ye, here ye, BOGO sale on Blurbs!

Yep, that’s right! My 1st ever BOGO sale! Runs from today through midnight next Thursday the 21st.

Same price, same NOTHING to lose policy!. Nothing jacked up. IF you like the blurb options and included teasers/tag lines, then its $25.00 (and for each one purchased, you get ONE free) IF you DON’T like (no using- and no free one) then NO CHARGE!

Yep– NOTHING at all to lose!

Now is the perfect time to revisit those older stories that are collecting dust and little sales. Give them new life with new blurbs, maybe combine them into a bundle or anthology and have an overview blurb and new teasers to promote.


If you need a blurb NOW but won’t have a need for another at this moment, NO PROBLEM, I’ll create you a coupon (Free Bogo)  to use WHEN you need your next one.

I’m easy to work with, and am available most nights as well.


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