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Birthday Party Savings

Birthday Party Savings

Each year the wee ones give me a theme. Of course this started way before they could say anything. 1st birthday party was Cat in the Hat. Second? Elmo.

This was the 9th birthday party. He requested “Fortnite.”


I know it’s a game, but that was about it. Off to Google and Pinterest I went. Did I mention wee man also requested a chocolate fountain instead of a cake.


Now, I’m sure most of you know of Amazon and Ebay party stores, but for those that don’t they are SERIOUS savings for customized requests. Just either at Ebay or Amazon, type in “Whatever your theme is” party supplies.

Edible icing with your Childs name and birthday (Minecraft anyone?) Cupcake picks, etc.

The edible icing will come on waxed cardboard. Just store in cool dry place until ready to use.

When ready, stick it in the freezer for like a min so it will gently peel off the wax backing then simply place on your iced cake. It blends perfectly in. (Last time I ordered one it was like $7.00)

But they also have customized tee’s where you can have that “theme” and your childs name and birthday. Last I ordered one of those, they ran about $10.00.

I mean you can get everything!

Here are some pictures.


I couldn’t find the super cute Mickey Mouse pictures which I think was the 5th birthday which had the cutest hats and party favors, but this gives you an idea.

The bottom right is the Fortnight themed table with blue “Chug Jugs” and the “Drop Box” party favors. The Chug Jug labels were like $3.00 and the boxes I think were like $12.00.

The bowl with Elmo candies? Those stickers were like $3.00 on Ebay and could have been applied to lollipops etc.

How sticking cute were the Cat in the Hat party hats? I sure miss wee guy being that small.  At least I knew who Cat in the Hat was, unlike Fortnite. LOLOL

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a review of the Wilton 3-tier Chocolate fountain which held 4 pounds of chocolate.

On a personal note, we had 19 children and 13 ish adults, went through 32 hamburgers, 35 ish hot dogs and my big bertha pot of Mac-N-Cheese.

My recipe for Mac-N-Cheese using an old school roux sauce will be coming this week too.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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Wild Adventures Theme Park

No recipe today… tomorrow one will be forthcoming. Today is giving due where due belongs. Not long ago I posted a review for Universal Studios which I was in NO WAY compensated for, in any capacity and neither have I been for the below. These are my thoughts alone.

Today—Have you even heard of Wild Adventures?


It’s in Valdosta Georgia and is LESS than ½ the cost of the other major theme parks. They stand out though, in a big way, for several VERY notable things.

1) Waterpark, Zoo and Concerts all included in one price.
2) Water is free even at the concession stands.
3) This upcoming Memorial Day weekend, Active and Retired military get in Free!!

Wild Adventures offers a nice sized Water Park with kiddie area as well as monsterous sized slides and water rides as well as a lazy river and lockers conveniently located to store your items while splashing about.

There is also a super cute zoo featuring walkways through shaded woods. (Nice when you’re needing to cool down but don’t want to get wet yet or already got wet and don’t want to wet again.

Their theme park is full of awesome rides such as The Cheetah, Double Shot and my favorite, the Hangman. (too many rides to name)

In the evenings they have concerts which if you are in the park, is included!

I think the water on the hottest day of the year was what impressed me so much. It was ungodly hot. 103. I was miserable but the kids didn’t seem fazed. So, after being convinced to leave the kiddie water fountain (where small jets shoot water upwards and I’d park my fluffy fanny at) we’d headed off to another ride. I was DYING people. Like so hot my head was pounding and I had that fake mom smile on as I forced my feet forward all while smiling. We passed a concession stand and worried I might be overheating stopped to ask how much a cup of cold water was.


The attendant told me the managers told them that with such massive heat they were worried about all their guests and wanted to make sure we stayed hydrated and healthy.


Purchase 7 days in advance and a day pass is: $39.99
2-6 Days in Advance $41.99
At the gates or less than the above required time;
Adults $49.99
Kids and Seniors $44.99
Seasons passes are about $90… something.

They do offer meal deal special offers, but I’ll let you look that up and judge whether a good deal.

So if seeking a summer trip and on a tight budget, I’d easily suggest Wild Adventures.

Happy Hump Day!

-Bobbi Romans

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Universal Studios Vs Universal Islands of Adventure-The 2019 Review

Universal Studios vs Universal Islands of Adventure- 2019 Review


How many= 4 adults and 2 children ages, 6 and 8.
Stayed at: Cabana Bay Beach Resort (review coming for them soon)
Went: Sat April 20th, Sunday (Easter) 21st and Monday the 22nd.
Fast Pass= No. At time of ticket purchase the additional Fast Pass fee would have been $60.00 each. (By Easter Sunday when I inquired again the cost was $130.00 each)

Though this was a rather spur of the moment trip I tried to do as much research beforehand on tips to make our trip the most it could be. Food, best/affordable etc.

Tip One: Research the cost of staying at one of Universals Loews resorts. SOME give you FREE Fast Passes for staying with them. Cabana Bay, doesn’t offer this, however they DO allow guests into the parks ONE hour earlier than gates open.

cabana bay

TIP#2: Download the Universal App. It has awesome features but most useful, the WAIT TIMES listed in real time. So if you see one ride is an hour wait, seek another with less time and watch the app for when the other ride has a shorter wait time.

Tip #3: BUY the $15.99 refillable souvenir cup! Free refills all day INCLUDING ICEE’S! It paid for itself within about an hour. The next day cost (to make said cup refillable again) was $9.00.

Now, as MUCH as I love Universal, and I do LOVE Universal. I love their characters walking around and not always ONLY at set place at set time. The whole Fast Pass thing which started years ago I knew would change parks for the normal folks, forever, that said…you gotta get em. No way around it folks. We did not and it brought the overall enjoyment levels down quite a bit. I mean who wants to wait in an hour and half long line each ride? Your hot, tired and trying to keep two littles settled in a huge line is near impossible.

We chose Universal Studios the 1st day as I mistakenly thought it might be the less crowded of the three (including the new Volcano Bay as the 3rd park) parks and boy was I wrong. We only got to ride/watch about 4 things. The entire time was lost in line watching as Fast Passers zipped right by.

(I won’t lie… I wanted to trip a few who shot me that “special” look)

Now for any who have never to been to either park, here’s TIP #4: Universal Studios= More Virtual Rides/Shows where Universals Islands of Adventure= More real rides. (Though there is plenty of virtual to be found there as well.)

So if you have small children your enjoyment may be better found at the original park as all of you can ride together. Where at Islands, you will probably need to do the child swap, which THEY do have great spots readily available.

TIP#5: You are allowed to bring in snacks/waters/Capri Sun type drinks. Nothing which would be considered meal worthy. I packed Slim Jims, Fruit, Capri Suns and Waters. They really came in handy when stuck in line. Gave you something to munch on and rehydrate as you waited. Plus is helped the little ones be less cranky.

TIP#6: Google Universal and Easter eggs. I won’t go into it, but do it. It’s pretty nifty.
Don’t miss out on the ET ride. Little ones LOVE it! Its back where Barney is!
While the lines at Universal were incredibly long and we didn’t get to do too much Universals Islands of Adventure afforded far more fun!

The lines were far shorter (on average) the wee ones LOVED Suessville and those lines were little to none. The characters were plentiful at Islands as well. Cat in the Hat and all those characters, Marvel Characters, Betty Boop, Scooby Doo (My Fav!) and more!


There are also all kinds of play areas for the little ones to release energies before heading back to another line. I loved the Olive boat where you can shoot water guns at the passing riders on the Popeye and Blutos’ Blige-Rat ride. You WILL GET soaked on that ride, but it’s usually hot enough out it feels GREAT!

Jurassic Park is still my favorite. I just love that one. There’s a great flying ride too!


While everything was great, we did have a few flaws. Both ET the day before then Kong had serious glitches which sadly hit at just that moment which rather blew the ride. Both are still worth it, but sadly the special ending on ET was missed as the ride stopped and threw off the timing of the names being said.

Now, my older (as in grown) kids who didn’t come with were mortified we didn’t do more in Hogwarts. Sadly wee miss (age 6) wasn’t big enough to ride and we decided not to wait in the line. We did ride the Gryffindor coaster which was fun, but really quick for the hour long wait we had.

TIP#7: A near unknown something… one which meant the world to me as many moons ago, my youngest (now 27) found it and was amazed. MYSTIC FOUNTAIN!!! It is AMAZING, old fashioned fun! It is a beautiful large fountain just past Hogwarts heading towards Poseidon’s Fury. It is manned by a comical fella who gathers the children around, asks them what geysers do then douses them with water. The fountain can spray streams, shoot water from the top or all out get everyone around drenched. It also plays music.. Little ones LOVE IT and I assure there will be plenty of laughter to be had!! It’s a great break in the day.


FOOD: We ate at Thunder Falls in the Jurassic section of the park. The food was amazing. The ribs fell of the bone and the turkey legs were devoured. They offered everything from salad bowls, ribs, chicken, and a ribs and chicken platter. And of course the turkey legs, fries, roasted potatoes and deserts were offered as well.

Back over in Toon land near the Blige-Rat ride was Cathy’s Ice-Cream. I gotta say, it was the biggest soft serve ice-cream in a waffle cone I think I’ve ever had. But-it was also the BEST soft serve ice-cream I’ve ever had. WELL worth the $6. something each treat! You can even get cones that have been dipped in chocolate, peanuts, sprinkles and more.

ALL THE STAFF in the parks are wonderful. Truly. Everyone went out of their way. No cranky, overheated personnel. Nope. Everyone from ride operators to the concession stand staff was friendly and willing to help with whatever you needed. Directions, tips etc.

Universal Studios-BOTH parks get a big thumbs up and thank you!

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East Bend, N.C. (Plot Twist!)


Well peeps, a major opportunity arouse that if taken, required a move from Florida to North Carolina. After serious discussions, the family decided…

LETS DO THIS! (Thus my hiatus)

So, last July, I packed up as much as I could and headed for Winston Salem, N.C. From there we anticipated a slow, nicely paced move…urm, then came Irma. I kicked things in high gear, went from house hunting to simply looking for a place to rent. Found an adorable place in a small farming community called, East Bend.


Life is drastically different. I haven’t (and still don’t) have my laptop back with my memorized passwords, so was and am limited to my work computer.

I DID have a release a few weeks/month ago that at last check was FREE (whoop-whoop) at the Loose Id publisher site. Tropical Sins is a fun little read to help soak up these last remaining warm (summer-ish) weeks before fall is “technically” felt, depending where you are.

I’ll hop on later and explain more about this sudden move (with some pictures) but wanted to at least, give an explanation to my sudden disappearance.

Hope all is well with all of you reading this, and if you ARE reading this…how was your summer?



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Enterprise Rental Car: Epic FAIL x2!

Enterprise Rental Car FAIL/WARNING!

Some of you may remember the fiasco I had with Enterprise Rental Cars last year. We’d booked the car over a month in advance, I called to verify 24 hrs prior, my reservation was in the system arrived and was denied the rental.

Mind you, we were already in the system as we’ve rented from Enterprise in the past. But I hadn’t been told that if I didn’t use my credit card (which I could have done and earned 5% cash back) that I’d have to bring, A) Gas Bill, B) Cable Bill, C) Cell Phone Bill, D) Electric Bill.

  1. A) We are an ALL electric house. No gas bill. B)We are streamers with ROKU so no cable bill. C) We are Straight Talk and Verizon Pre-Pay Customers D) While I DID show an electric bill (via my cell phone so limited bill visibility, we were belittled that we were “seriously delinquent.”

No. We were not.

We have a City Loan for replacing our roof to a more energy efficient metal roof. You can’t qualify for a city loan with electric delinquency. We are also POOL owners. Between the roof loan (an additional amount on our bill) AND a pool pump/water running, our bills run high. They also include, garbage service, storm water run-off, water and firefighter fee’s.

ONE bill in the summer (during which time the rental was for) was $650.00. Not delinquent, just HIGH bills due to the above reasons.

COMMON SENSE: I offered to bring the bill back so the agent could SEE the actual bill and not just the amount. I also offered to BRING our mortgage statement reflecting we are 20 year home owners.

AGAIN- The agent said no, indicted we were delinquent in our bills and Enterprise would not rent to people like us.

Home owners, perfect driving records, past Enterprise clients and denied and belittled. I made a few quick calls and BUDGET RENTAL had me on the road within 45 minutes!!!! (We’ve also rented from Budget before with NO ISSUES EVER, but when I’d called price-checking, Enterprise had come in lower)

THANK YOU BUDGET!!! Also, noteworthy, the trip was to meet my biological grandmother and also introduce her to my children. Thanks to Budget the trip wasn’t cancelled and sadly, my grandmother was right. Time was ticking, as she passed away a little over a week ago.

  ***   THIS YEAR!  ***

I notified Enterprise of what had happened. After about a week of repeating what happened to different agents, I spoke with the local GM who apologized profusely, SWORE this wasn’t the Enterprise way, and offered me a FREE 3-Day rental, for my next need. (This part took place after last years fiasco)

The last week in April (2017) I emailed the GM and upon no reply called the sore. The GM from last year, no longer worked for Enterprise. The NEW GM requested I forward the emails, (which I did) and then said Enterprise WOULD honor the 3-day rental. As I need a weekly rental, he said he’d get me a quite by the end of the week. This was on a Monday. By Monday the following week, I contacted him again, about  the rental quote.

“Sorry.  I had a death in the family last week.  I didn’t forget about you and I will make a reservation ASAP.”

I replied that day,

Oh no! I’m terribly sorry to hear that. Condolences to you and yours. Its not that I’m in any rush… the trip isn’t until 06/10/17, but I just like to try and get everything arranged so I know what’s done and needs to be done before leaving. Its only to Daytona, but I’ll still pack and treat this as if heading cross country. LOL


Again, sorry about your loss. Always hard saying goodbye to loved ones.”



This exchange happened May 8th. I NEVER heard another word from this GM.

On May 31ar I opened up a direct message dialogue with Enterprise Twitter online. I was assured they cared and someone would get in touch with me.

*Thumbs Up for the people running the Enterprise Twitter Acct!*

It is now June 4th. Yes, only 4 days, but if anyone had truly reviewed the timeline, I would suspect someone would have been in-touch by now.

Budget only comes in a tiny bit higher, but thus far, has been a hassle free experience.

IF and WHEN Enterprise Rental Car contacts me, I’ll UPDATE.

Until then… Be Wary!


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#BobbiRomansReads TONIGHT at 8:30 EST

Tonight I’ll start the #BobbiRomansReads An American Holiday!!! Will begin around 8:30 EST (ish) over at my FB Profile Page here:

Hope to see you there!!!

Bobbi Romans

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Hurricane Hermine & Writerly Update


HELLO from the dark ages! Day 5 and there are still 14,000 some without power. Things in town are rather wonky as stores restock their shelves from having to toss their foodstuffs. The cell phones are for the most back up, though occasionally still a little slow and yesterday we lost internet until late in the evening.

But guess what?!! The town has been gracious. Everyone. So for all the bad press we get, strangers opened doors, ppl randomly made offers of hot food, showers or even dips in their pools to cool off. Even hot, tired and stanky from desperate needs of showers, the citizens of Tallahassee stepped up, stayed optimistic and jumped forth to help their neighbors.

Most common request we received were dips in the pool and charging of cell phones.

Our loss was the pool pump motor. Sucker won’t come back on which means a green pool until the hubs can get time off to replace it. Also, a ceiling fan oddly won’t come either. Power is up and down. Popped off this morning, but sprang back on quickly. (YAY!!!)

Utility crews have worked ROUND THE CLOCK getting power restored. Their families haven’t seen them since this storm hit, and MUCH GRATITUDE goes out to all of them.

THANK YOU GUYS!!! (And Gals!)

Now onto writerly related events.

Through the month of September Amazon has placed both, Books one and two, on super .99 sale! Yep, grab up Swamp Magic (Bk1) or Under the Full Moon (Bk2) at this amazing price.

My shifters are locally found critters and my heroes don’t turn into, but rather take on the unique qualities of these amazing underdogs of the southern region.

Swamp Magic (Swamp Magic Series Book 1) by [Romans, Bobbi]


Check out this recent awesome review! (Or check out one of the many reviews found at Amazon or Goodreads)

5.0 out of 5 stars A new and refreshing side of the paranormal, full …, May 31, 2016
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Swamp Magic (Paperback)
A new and refreshing side of the paranormal, full of adventure and lusty romance, that keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next installment…


Under the Full Moon (Swamp Magic Series Book 2) by [Romans, Bobbi]


5.0 out of 5 stars Love renewed!, August 14, 2015
This review is from: Under the Full Moon (Swamp Magic Series Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
Grace is such a beautiful and kind hearted soul. She is powerful in her own right. The fact that she might be able to find happiness in Damien, after all that she has lost, is precious. Now only if they can find the time to find out between someone trying to hurt her, kidnap her, or kill her.


Also, mark your calendars about the upcoming October 20th, 9 PM EST, Halloween Party at Writerspace featuring the authors of Loose Id, Publishing! Prizes will be awarded at the end of the party.

Wish me luck as I jump back into a semi routine state and hopefully finishing up this yet unnamed, super hero story.



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