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FREE Class on Query Letters!

Around the Writer's Table

Weds the 21st at 7 PM I’ll be hosting a class with Gina Edwards of Around the Writers Table on writing a shining query letter! You’ve got ONE shot at snagging that editor/agents attention.


Register here:

Then go here  Example/Worksheet  — Look it over. Practice with it then get your questions ready to ask me LIVE on Weds evening!

Spread the word and hope to see you there!




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Am I a broken reader?

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Am I a broken reader?

I write this because well… I guess I read, and LOVE, what I see so many hate. Loathe, reject or deny.

Let me start by saying, this post is NOT about anyone. Its not what anyone said or did, but I what I keep stumbling across as the “norm.”

Growl. I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve run across where some say, “Oh for the love of baby kittens, NO MORE GROWLING.”


I fucking love it. Done right, if he growls at her, it shivers me timbers. Am I broken?

Millionaires and surprise babies. There are some who say, give me MORE! Some places actually push that troupe.


What the ever loving fuck? I’m so damn broke and menopausal my head can’t even begin to wrap around that. Not even for a minute. Am I broken?

First vs Third? Again, I’ve run across countless posts, from readers, agents and even editors. Heck, even crit classes. AVOID first.


LOVE it. I often write 1st POV and more often, read it. When done well, you become that character for their story. Don’t get me wrong. If there are many emotions from many characters I think 3rd is best to better get this across to the reader. Am I broken?

There are so many DON’TS that are my DO list that I’m lest wondering…

Am I a broken reader/author?

Weigh in. Gimme your thoughts. I’m curious.


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Here ye, here ye, BOGO sale on Blurbs!

Yep, that’s right! My 1st ever BOGO sale! Runs from today through midnight next Thursday the 21st.

Same price, same NOTHING to lose policy!. Nothing jacked up. IF you like the blurb options and included teasers/tag lines, then its $25.00 (and for each one purchased, you get ONE free) IF you DON’T like (no using- and no free one) then NO CHARGE!

Yep– NOTHING at all to lose!

Now is the perfect time to revisit those older stories that are collecting dust and little sales. Give them new life with new blurbs, maybe combine them into a bundle or anthology and have an overview blurb and new teasers to promote.


If you need a blurb NOW but won’t have a need for another at this moment, NO PROBLEM, I’ll create you a coupon (Free Bogo)  to use WHEN you need your next one.

I’m easy to work with, and am available most nights as well.


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Summertime (FREE) Marketing Tips!

Free Summer Time Marketing Ideas!

As with many authors, trying to find inexpensive ways to market ourselves takes more time than actually writing the book. And yes, while we’ve all heard, just write and let the rest work itself out, so far, it’s not working for me.

Here are a few summertime ideas;

  1. A) When traveling, sign guest books (hotel/motel), chalkboards (you know where restaurants ( want guests to sign) as Thanks for a great meal/stay, Author XXX. Leave your business/rack card or book mark.
  2. B) Know in advance where your trip is heading? Google bookstores and set up a one hour book signing event. If need be, bring your own books with.
  3. C) Stopping for lunch or breakfast? Leave a few signed business/rack cards on tables/counters.
  4. D) Many campsites (in the office) have spots for guests to say where they’re from. Pop your card up and/or ask the manager if you can leave a few out on the counter! You’d be surprised at how tickled they’ll be an author visited their campsite/rv park, etc.
  5. E) Wear a Author XXX t-shirt around. You can order one (reasonably priced) through VistaPrint.
  6. F) I took my Bobbi Romans Tote bag. Its huge and I used it to pack beach stuff in.

Get creative and have a Fun, Safe Summer!


Bobbi Romans

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Tuesday Tips & Tweaks over at…

The fabulous Beverly Bateman’s!

Stop in and see what tips I shared and say hi!

Thanks and Happy Writing!

Bobbi Romans

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