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A farewell dinner WITH pics!

Doing a quick dinner posting. Last night we had a farewell meal with my niece and her family. Their heading back up to Oklahoma later this month.

Remember, there are nine people in this house. NINE!

So, any event is a huge undertaking in getting everything ready. Between tidying bathrooms, sweeping, carpets etc, the cooking must be something I know I can control the time of. Last night I made the below for the 1st time and it was SUPER easy! Because it was a little here and a little there, I was able to clean in-between the prep work and NOT run around like crazy. Okay, so maybe there was a tad of crazy but I was also finishing up the baby blanket and matching hat.

The meal;

Cheesy Potato & Ham Bake w/ Side Salad, Homemade Bread and Lemon Tarts for dessert.

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Image may contain: food and indoor

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: dessert and food

If anyone is interested in the easy recipes, just comment so and I’ll edit this to include them. For now, I’ve got to get back to my posts for an upcoming June class on queries.

Happy Eating & Happy Writing!




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Foodie, Foodie, Urmmm Whatie?

So here’s another FOODIE post. I told you, I cook lots, and cook often.

Last night we had Jalapeno Popper Won Tons with a light salad and what I called a fruit sampler for dessert.

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Ever had this before?

Image may contain: food

The kids all gathered around to figure out how to eat this odditie food!

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If I had to put a description to what it tastes like I’d have to describe this fruit as similar to an organic fruit roll-up. It comes appearing like the “ever had this” photo. You break open the crunchy peanut type shell, then eat the fruit that’s surrounding the large hard seeds inside. Image may contain: dessert and food There are only, on average, 2-4 seeds inside but there is no EASY way of getting them out, so, you chew around them. Rather like you would a cherry.

Tonight we had, Broccoli Cauliflower Salad with bread sticks and from scratch, 3-Layer Carrot Cake!

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I LOVE this salad! Its so easy, and gives a rich kick like potato salad without all the carbs! I made 2 pans, (only 1 is pictured) since not everyone in the house likes raisins in their food.

So, what’s on YOUR table tonight?

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