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Kim & Kayne & Vogue AND Duke does Porn

Kim & Kayne & Vogue AND Duke does Porn

Late Night Saturday Random Thoughts

So in my should be asleep but am up surfing headlines sleepy but goofy stage, some randomness. (Go figure-read at own risk)

1) Duke Does Porn.

Okay, so if you haven’t caught he headlines for this yet, long story short. Smart college girls decides to become porn star.

Yeah, yeah, we all can think of better or to be fair, at least safer venues for her to take on her path to stardom. Fact: She’s over 18. (aintcha business) Fact: She’s an adult. Fact: There are plenty of people choosing this “career” so for some, it flips their switch and pays their electricity bill.

Get over it.

What’s scary and sad is NOT that some pretty college girl decided to do porn.

It’s the people who are jumping in her business, posting minor siblings high school locations, and other personal information and threatening rape and death, that’s disgusting.

Um, exactly WHO is the creeper here? Here or stalkers threatening death?

2) Kim and Kayne.

Now many of you will know I am not a Kardashian fan. No real reason, just am not. I don’t know, don’t hate and don’t care. I did read though the article on the Vogue blow up.

Again, WTF people?

Kim had a dream. She made it happen. Don’t hate. Get off your ass and chase your own dream.

Dinner tomorrow? Homemade Enchiladas, burritos, refried beans and corn. Dessert: Carrot Cake.

What? I said late night random.



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WTF and a Contest



If it’s not one thing it’s another. Did I ever mention I have a large family? Not whole family, I mean immediate. Husband, 6 children, 7 grandchildren and host of pets.


I’m 44. I’m a single child from a small family.




Oh yeah. And I love the word ‘Fuck’. Sorry, I do. I know, I know…*hangs head* but it makes me feel good. I mean it’s either that, drugs or booze. I think ‘Fuck’ is a safer bet. It gives me that high like I’ve smashed a plate on the floor. Not on accident.


Can’t understand that either? Re-read 6 children and 7 grandchildren.


Any questions?


But it’s Friday. Let’s be peppy. I’ve got coffee again. (was out all morning-things got dangerous)


Did you see the contest page? I’ve posted a new contest and could honestly, truly use some input. So please thing about answering the questions posted.


Share the link.  Love the link. Hug the link. Okay, just share the link please and thank you.






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