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The Walking Dead-Who Walks Away & who Bites it?

Any Walking Dead fans out there? Ready for tonight? Damn, you know it’s going to be a nail biting event.

My prediction?

Lots and lots of dinner time, marrow sucking action.

However, I do see a “Claimed” event going on. Ya know that group Daryl has sadly found himself with? Where you have to yell “Claimed” in order to keep something yours?

They’re going to run into Beth and Daryl will finally state “Claimed.”

Safe: Michonne and Daryl.

HINT: They (producers) have stated that Rick will be pushed to the very brink. We need to prepare for either the loss of Carl or baby Judith. (Ima a flip shit-just staying)

Not Safe: Everyone else. I don’t even think Rick or Carol are safe and feel either Mags or Glen are certainly on the menu featuring a generous helping of tartare.

Blood Pudding anyone?


If (big IF) they discover what a hell hole Terawhatthefuckisthisplace is, it won’t be until they’re in the bowels of the place. Unfamiliar territory in a cannibalistic old plant create of maze of new death traps for the group as they scramble back to the bar-b-cue outside.

Leg of lamb…er, people?

Or if trapped, you still have Michonne and Daryl on the outside. So long as those two are still kicking, the world has hope.

Bottom line, the dynamics of the group are about to change. Drastically. Rick and Carol might not be the two heads, I see a new world of Michonne and Daryl with a new spunky side-order of Beth.

So tell me. What’s your prediction to tonight’s finale?

I’ll be back tonight with a recap and to offer a place of solace. I think we’re all going to need it.


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