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Rant, Recipe & Special Invite

For all of you who work from home, dontcha hate all the “Oh, you don’t work?” I feel your pain!

Let me tell you. While I may NOT have a job outside the home. A job which actually pays me FAIR wages… I work.

In an underpaid, underappreciated position that has no start time, nor stop time.

7:15 wake up get coffee, turn brain on.

7:30 wake up wee man for school.

7:45 breakfast for wee man.

8:10 off to school for wee man.

8:40- prep for dinner. (ie; pull whatever from freezer and make sure I have all needed items)


9:00 clean kitchen (unload dishwasher-reload if needed, wipe  counters, etc.

9:30 start laundry (typically I do 2-3 loads a day)

10: 00  backwash pool/check filters


10:30 open up word get as much writing done as possible.

12:00 swap loads of laundry over and hand/fold dry load

1:00 check bathrooms and clean if necessary

1:30 swap laundry again (fold/hang new load)


2:00 back to writing.

3:00 get wee man

3:30 prep for dinner. (get meat in oven or potatoes skinned, etc.

4:00 start dinner.

5:00/5:30 dinner time.

6:00/6:30 begin after dinner clean-up and swap last laundry load

7:30 pack lunches

8:00 back to writing.

Now, in the midst of the above there is reviewing the bills, giving out the kids chores (making sure they get done) any sewing or hemming or like now, making a baby blanket, is done in-between.

Have I mentioned I repaired our oven a few weeks ago? As in replaced both elements? Yep, did. Also, I redid all out trim, sanding, staining and sealing.

So while I may not have the “PAID” job… I work.

I’m not complaining per say, because my day IS filled with things I love.

Wee Man and Wee Miss, writing and cooking.  Speaking of…


Image may contain: food and indoor

Cheesesteak Bake

(3-5) Pounds ground beef

Either a bag of frozen onions and peppers or chopped fresh.

A pkg of sliced Provolone (24 slices)

Mushrooms. (Can be canned or sliced fresh)

4 Cans of Biscuits

Worcestershire Sauce (am I the only one who can NEVER spell that word without the help from spell check?)


Brown ground beef (use potato masher to keep meat nice and crumbly as it cooks) with onions, peppers and mushrooms, if fresh. (if canned add when done) Add a few shakes of Worcestershire as you cook. When done, drain well.

Add more Worcestershire to the cooked meat (a few shakes should work fine) and mushrooms,  mix well.

In large casserole pan, spray bottom with non-stick spray. Using hands, flatten biscuits to create a solid biscuit bottom. It took me one can plus 2 extra from the 2nd can.  Add 1/2 the meat mixture evenly over top. Top with provolone. Next, using remaining biscuit break into small pieces and evenly scatter on top.

Repeat all in 2nd casserole pan.

Bake about 15-25 minutes until you see biscuits browned and everything is nice and bubble.

Serve with a nice salad and BOOM, a fun, tasty, easy and affordable dinner!

Special Invite:

If you are an author following me, I have a Power Hour Group I run on FB. If  you’re the type where a little bit of prompting goes a long way… just comment below you’d like an add or email me at bobbiromans@yahoo.com.

Readers: Want your book signed? Gifting and would like a special message on the book? Simply email me what message you’d like and I’ll let you know how to get it to me. Just be sure to include a self-addressed, stamped envelop in your package.

Ebook lovers, for an electronic signing, head over to. Bobbi Romans Authorgraph Page

Happy Tuesday!






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Randomness- Bullies, Noble Romance & Prologues.

Randomness = I’m basically not awake enough to jump into the WIP.

So this week several interesting things went on I’m making an opinion on (opinion) and in my own personal area. *waves hands around in a circle*

#1 Anti Bullies become Bullies?

I’m the sort who used to have a bad knee-jerk reaction to jumping into the middle of fray, ruckus, throw-down, bruhaha in the defense of friend, BLINDLY. *hangs head*

I took word for word the claims. Until one day I took time to actually start at the beginning and investigate what was being said. Turns out in my strong need to help stop a bully, I’d inadvertently become the bully. *hangs head lower*


Girl One– “Why don’t you like me? What did I ever do to you?” *wails*

Girl Two– “I just don’t like you. You’re a douchebaggery bitch of epic proportions.” Girl Two puts this on her Facebook status. Several friends, ‘Like’ her status.

Girl One, shocked, tells her friends. She’s hurt, confused and generally feeling ill about now. This girl, Girl One, puts these feelings on her Facebook status. Girl One’s friends, comment in shock and awe. They not only ‘like’ said status but ‘share’ said status.

Now Girl One is feeling a bit braver and vindicated. So she goes back Girl Two.

Girl One (to Girl Two)- “You’re the bitch. My friends said so. You need to be run out of town. You need to flee because they are going to beat you up. They are going to make suffer terrible hemorrhoids.”

*But* it doesn’t end there. Girl One’s friends have now joined. They too, are now making hate filled comments to Girl Two.

Wheeeee–now it’s gone Viral. Many, many are involved. For whatever reason, Girl One, begins deleting her comments back to Girl Two. The only comments left are those of Girl Two alone. (which makes me wonder, did she get a bad review, reply, get snark, return snark then BOOM-we have this blow-up?)

THIS IS WHERE the Anti Bullies, walk a fine line to ‘Becoming’ bullies themselves.

Even without the conversation being complete…droves are still showing unity for Girl One on the face value of her claim. While Girl One, was most certainly the recipient of asshattary, and yeah, some loyal friends came to have her back (good thing)…what of the rest of us now blindly going after Girl Two?

Fine line my friends, fine line.

Okay, I said Randomness, I wasn’t kidding.

#2 Noble Romance Publishing Closes their doors.

Most may already heard, Noble Romance Publishing has decided to close their doors. That said, Table for Three-Hold the Blood as well as another title, are NO longer available. I will update, if/when this status changes.

#3 To Prologue or Not to Prologue that is the Question?

Conversations have been heating up everywhere about this author/editor controversy. While to most everything in life there is an exception,

Fact: Agent/Editor Panel at Silken Sands Conference 2012 – It was NO. A few admitted they HAD seen where one worked, the claim that it was rare followed with several who said if they open a MS and see a prologue, they don’t read, OR at best, will read chapter one to see if strong enough WITHOUT the prologue.

Fact: Another publisher recently stated (as in yesterday) NO PROLOGUE.

This brings the total times I’ve heard NO to 6. Six publishing houses/agents/editors who have stated no.

Opinion: There are exceptions, but if the majority call it a bad idea, why take the chance? Make chapter one strong enough without the need of.

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