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3 NON-Messy Ways to Dye those Eggs!

EggTastic Update on 3 different Egg Dying Methods!

Easter 4


1) Cool Whip Dye

2) Rice in a baggie Dye

3) Old School Box Kit (Which did have bags over cups!)

*Of course follow direction of boiling eggs and vinegar for ALL 3 described dying methods- See instructions in #1**

ALL three DID work with some variation.

1) Cool Whip. More of a pastel tie-dye effect. Pretty! Directions: Boil Eggs. Once done, spread boiled eggs out on dish towel to dry. Place eggs (gently) one at a time in plastic cup of vinegar. Set back on dish towel to dry. While eggs are cooling/drying, spread Cool Whip in glass pan, drop a few drops of food coloring here and there and use toothpick to “SWIRL” mixture.

Place egg(s) in Cool Whip and roll around until covered. Leave in the mix a few minutes before removing and wiping off excess Cool Whip.


2) Rice in a Baggie. Now this DOES work, HOWEVER… the rice sucks up so much of the dye, that we found this worked best. Add rice to baggie. Add desired color(s) mix well. Then add boiled egg and add a drop or TWO more of desired color(s) before sealing bag to gently swirl egg around rice.


3) We bought a kit ($2.00) that was GEL based and had baggies over dyes in cups. MUCH LESS MESS and very, very VIBRANT eggs. The directions were simply place boiled egg in baggie. Pick one or more of the gel dye colors (3 included in the kit) and drop a few drops down INTO the baggie and ONTO the egg. Gently swirl egg in the bag until desired color reached. OUR kit also came with glitter so before they dried but after we pulled them out and set them in the drying spots on the package, we sprinkled glitter on.


Finished Product!


The Light Pastel eggs were Cool Whip, the the solid red and orange as seen in the 1st pic were actually rice… the super dark colors were the gel dye.

Happy Easter Egg Dying!

Bobbi Romans


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12 Days of Christmas Party!

HUGE author line-up and I’m a bit late in posting as the party is FULL SWING!!

Tons of prizes, games and laughs to be had!

Go here to join in: https://www.facebook.com/ReviewsByCrystal/photos/gm.1512221895737928/917515918303150/?type=3&theater

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

  • Bobbi

(PS I’ve a big announcement coming soon so stay tuned!)

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Passionate Plume Finalist- A Christmas of Coal and Mistletoe

 A Christmas of Coal and Mistletoe

“A nicely written, feel-good story with a little spice. ” – Annmarie| 2 reviewers made a similar statement

“I found myself grinning like a complete buffoon the entire time I read this story. ” – Stacy R_Book Addict| 2 reviewers made a similar statement

Some of the review titles…

4.0 out of 5 stars Packs an emotional punch January 5, 2014

5.0 out of 5 stars Touching and Emotional! Loved it! March 1, 2014

5.0 out of 5 stars Have Tissues Handy December 29, 2013

Blurb: Cathy has hit that ‘married for so long’ slump and, coupled with the news that she can’t have children, she has become quite distant. Her adoring husband Dan surprises her with a Twelve Days of Christmas trip. All is well and spicy, with Partridges in Pear Trees—or at least, owls on totems poles—until a cryptic text arrives on his cell.

A text that might end their marriage for good.

But a tragic freeway accident has Cathy re-evaluating what’s most important in life. As things become clear, the only question left is whether she is too late, or if just maybe she’ll get all she wants for Christmas after all.

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