Foodie, Foodie, Urmmm Whatie?

So here’s another FOODIE post. I told you, I cook lots, and cook often.

Last night we had Jalapeno Popper Won Tons with a light salad and what I called a fruit sampler for dessert.

Image may contain: food

Ever had this before?

Image may contain: food

The kids all gathered around to figure out how to eat this odditie food!

Image may contain: food

If I had to put a description to what it tastes like I’d have to describe this fruit as similar to an organic fruit roll-up. It comes appearing like the “ever had this” photo. You break open the crunchy peanut type shell, then eat the fruit that’s surrounding the large hard seeds inside. Image may contain: dessert and food There are only, on average, 2-4 seeds inside but there is no EASY way of getting them out, so, you chew around them. Rather like you would a cherry.

Tonight we had, Broccoli Cauliflower Salad with bread sticks and from scratch, 3-Layer Carrot Cake!

Image may contain: food

I LOVE this salad! Its so easy, and gives a rich kick like potato salad without all the carbs! I made 2 pans, (only 1 is pictured) since not everyone in the house likes raisins in their food.

So, what’s on YOUR table tonight?


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