A FRESH new release to feed the Family!

So why a cookbook? Don’t you write romance?


I also cook for NINE each night. Can you imagine the bill for even Mc Donald’s for NINE big eaters? My husband is also from a super-sized family which means for holidays I can easily be cooking for 25-30 PLUS!

After many years and many requests, I created the cookbook geared for LARGE families. Like TRUE size meals. Not those serves 6 but really only serves 4 in a normal eating reality.

Hit a snag in it? Have a question? Confused or need more information?

Hit me up at: bobbiromans@yahoo.com

I also really want to encourage more families to get back to cooking. The fun in it. Some of the best recipes I’ve created came from being broke.

Yes–FLAT OUT BROKE. Off that one or two items needed to finish the dinner. Digging in your pantry and playing “Chopped” can be fun AND tasty! Learning which steps, spices and sauces can be skipped, added or altered is what it’s all about.

Bobbi Romans Recipes for Giant Sized Families on Fairy Sized Budgets is out now. Its recipes from MY playing around in having to double or triple recipes which often means skipping certain ingredients to KEEP the dish affordable yet still yummy!

Available in BOTH E-Book and Print!

Bobbi Roman's Recipes for Giant Sized Families on Fairy Sized Budgets! by [Romans, Bobbi]

Print Copy

E-Book Copy


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