An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You’ve heard of this old saying? Yes? No? I’m going to assume yes, if your answer should be no… that’s what Google is for. *Wink*

Our nation is divided right now with many thinking that the marches, protesting and like, are all about Anti-Trump.

Yes, and no.

Trump is already president. That boat has sailed. He has NOT activated all of his powers. All of his new “idea’s.” So YES, now is the time to make voices heard…even if you DID vote for Trump. Even if you LOVE Trump there may be a decision or two of his you DO NOT agree with.

Come on! I loved Obama, but will readily admit, there were some things I didn’t agree with. As is with EVERY president and MOST people. We don’t agree with EVERYTHING they say and do.

This no longer has to be about, who was Trump and who was Hilary.

Now, it’s about making sure our causes, stay true and just and that TPTB hear us and just MAYBE think very hard BEFORE making/changes certain laws/protections/acts/. Do you really, I mean, soul searching, deep down, think equal rights isn’t worthy of fighting for? Or racism isn’t worthy of fighting against? Come on, admit it. You know it is.

So quit thinking people are just being loud and obnoxious. We aren’t. We are merely trying to make sure BEFORE things we fear may happen, do NOT happen or at least without one hell of a fight.  It is ALSO why so many are sharing political posts, STILL. There just might be something, you didn’t know. wouldn’t approve of or wish you had known as to be active/vocal about.

Recently I saw posts complaining about the “trash” left after the march. Before anyone reading this thinks, Oh Snap, she’s talking about me, NO I’M NOT. I’ve seen MANY posts about this. This is not directed towards any ONE person, but for all those that said this. How can I take your “my tax dollars paid for clean up” concerns seriously, when I saw NO concern about the trash after events like New Years, Marathons, and the like that ALSO leave streets littered? Instead of seeing millions protesting, peacefully and so united, and thinking THAT is how you do it, you only saw wasted tax dollars which makes me sad.

I will agree, people no matter WHAT the reason, should take their trash with them. Hell, my battle sign in the march would have come home as something I’d hope my grandchildren would one day run across and remember Grandma and her march.

Another post, I made showed Michelle Obama in a beautiful dress and Melania, nude. I want to make something very clear. I in NO WAY am bashing Melania. I’ve already publicly stated modeling and nudity, are often combined. I see nothing wrong with it so long as an adult chooses it. My point in sharing that post, was for those that continue spouting about how we now have a “real” first lady with high morals and Christian values. (Many of those saying it, are NOT okay with nudity, but are clearly making an exception for Melania. I have to wonder, why? Because she’s rich or?)

Personally, I’m more concerned with what a first lady DOES, then wears.

On this note, I’d like to add, LEAVE BARON alone. I’ve said this about all children, whether political, Hollywood or other. No matter how rich his family might be, he’s a KID and has enough crap going through his head without “mean” people saying “mean” things. Kid’s need all the support they can get to survive this harrowing stage of growing up. (approaching being a teen)

We don’t have to be divided. We each much show the respect to each other to stand up for what “we” believe in.

Also to understand, we all can’t swing one way or another or the boat we are all on will become uneven and we ALL sink.

Please remember,  you may have voted for Trump but don’t agree with X or X, and can join your voice with others and the SAME goes for those who didn’t vote for Trump. He may do something you DO agree with and there should be no fear in saying, “hey, I’ll be darned, I can totally get on-board with X or X.

Let’s work TOGETHER to make a peaceful USA, then maybe we can tackle making the WORLD a peaceful world.

Food for thought.


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