Limited Edition Print ARC up for Grabs!

So far I’ve been quiet this year. LOTS of home repairs going, other projects in the works and general life interrupting events.

HOWEVER, I do have a new release, well, a rather bundled RE-RELEASE. that for the 1st time is available in PRINT!

Three white tiger shifter stories, bundled together!

Contest Here

The White Tiger Series: Hot Holiday Collection by [Romans, Bobbi]


It Came Upon a Midnight Dream (Bk1)
Blurb: Zhara heard tale of Sugar Plum Dreams and even of Nutcrackers…but nothing prepared her for the White Tiger which haunted her dreams in the most erotic of fashions. Too bad dreams aren’t real. Or can Christmas Wishes come true?

To Yank a Tiger by the Tail (Bk2)
Blurb: When tiger shifter Dax’s brother Fin, decides to welcome his brothers mate Zhara, with streaking across the meadow, he created a hailstorm of fury, not laughter. Adding to the fated melee, Dax’s ex fiancé, Sparrow, bursts upon the scene with hopes of a reconciliation.

Heartbroken and wary, Zhara bolts…straight into the arms of Starl, wolf shifter and brother to Sparrow.

Will yanking the tiger’s tail destroy the couple for good, or will Dax unsheathe his claws for the fight of life and mate?

Howl at the Holly (Bk3)
Blurb:New Yorker, Charisma Moon let a dream howl right past her for the prospect of an advancing career. Now, it’s less than a week until Christmas, she’s single and she’s … fired! She believes in the magic of Christmas, but not even a miracle can restore her broken heart or the one she shattered, namely Starls.

But in a town that holds both Tiger and Wolf shifters cohabitating peacefully, anything is possible… including forgiveness.

Good Luck!

Bobbi Romans



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