Hurricane Hermine Recovery Update: Tallahassee Florida

Hurricane Hermine Recovery Update:  Tallahassee Florida

While only a minimal Category One, Hurricane Hermine rolled into town and devastated the area.  Its all about give and take, and as we celebrate a town known for its stunning canopied roads, the downside is… it doesn’t take much to bring down our power lines.

As of now (2 days AFTER the storm) much of the town is still powerless (we are of the few lucky ones) some county residents are being told potentially up to 2 weeks before power is restored, city residents are being told up to a week.

Stores are down, cell towers (Sprint-Verizon etc) are still wonky, with Sprint (as of 09/02) stating their emergency back-ups will only last LESS then another 24 hrs.  The Red Cross have stations set-up giving out hot food and the city has areas giving out water.

Yes, things are that bad-STILL!

As we were lucky, I was able to give out my emergency supplies and made water runs for a few without through-out today.

 Lifesavers- The NOAA radio my son has which features Solar and Hand-Crank operability AND the nifty flashlight and cell phone charging capability.

If you’ve never been in a non-power type emergency I’ll share my list of what I have and you WILL need/use!

Emergency List:

NOAA Radio

Hurricane Lamps (oil lamps- Oil and wicks in the event power is out for days) OR Nifty new LED camping lights.


Battery powered Fans (we’re in Florida, HELLO hot item to have)

D Batteries

Water (One jug per person in household-more if you can)

Boxed, canned or powdered milk. (for dry cereals etc)

Propane for your grill. NO GRILL? No Problem– Sternos will work in a pinch too! (those little candle/heater cans catering companies use under the chafing dishes!

Fill a baby pool etc, for water for flushing.

Freeze Milk Jugs filled with water and leave in freezer to help keep your food from spoiling.

HAND Can Opener.


Canned foods such as Stew, Chicken and Dumplings (one meal type dishes) that can make for easy (no water) clean-up and paired with bread or crackers for substance.

Dry goods: Crackers, breads etc. Crackers are good because they don’t spoil as fast as bread will.

Candles for where you don’t have your hurricane lamps ready. (Bathrooms, etc)

Ice and Dry ice. (Have an ice-maker? Empty out the ice-maker every so often into bags to keep on the ready.)

Paper Goods (remember, you may be without water) such as paper plates/towels, cups, utensils, etc.

TIP: Find a radio station (of no power) giving updates! Our local X-101.5/101.7 Stayed live taking LOCAL callers giving everyone updates on how their side of town was fairing throughout the storm. They were FANTASTIC and we knew what was happening around us.

There are many, many wonderful ideas out there, but most importantly, regardless of how bad or not bad you may think things may get, BE PREPARED for the WORST case scenario!

Hanging in and feeling blessed- Bobbi Romans


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