Enterprise & Budget Rental Update

I’ve been delinquent with the blog posts. SORRY!

First a post I promised a bit ago. I’d posted (on Twitter and FB) how Enterprise rental car nearly destroyed our trip a few weeks ago.

I have to say, that Budget saved the trip, I do. It’s only fair, as they DID get me in a car and on the road in record time.  THANK YOU BUDGET!

It’s also only fair to update my Enterprise dealing.

First, note that we’ve used Enterprise before and never had any issues. So while this experience was horrific, it was in such, that it was an unexpected encounter. That played a large a part. EnterpriseCares (on Twitter) saw my tweets of shock, disappointment and anger and sent me a message. Assured me they DID care and give them some time to research.

Then, I got not one, but TWO calls from Enterprise Management. (One I missed, so not sure who he/she was) then from the local CEO/GM (can’t remember) Mr. Ray, who apologized, took notes and promised me that my encounter was NOT how Enterprise handles things. He asked enough questions on his own that I have no doubts, he will follow through and make sure things (for the next customer) will go far more orderly. He also extended a rental for my future use with no expiration.

Even over and above that, the fact the company responded promptly to the Tweets, returned calls, emailed, all making sure I knew they were in fact looking into my issue speaks volumes. Not sure about the rest of you, but how often anymore does this happen?

So thank you, to Enterprise Rental Cars as well, for making me feel like a valued customer.

Onto, writerly updates.  I’ve a short super hero story coming as well as a few things in the works with Loose Id AND… a Halloween Party in the works with LOADS of authors & prizes.

Stay tuned!


Bobbi Romans




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