Dear Dollar Rental Car & Hertz,

Dear Dollar Rental Car and Hertz,

I’ve added Hertz since the companies have merged and who know’s which new implements have decimated the old (good) systems.

On June 21st I “Pre-Booked” (pre-paid) for a vehicle. $81.80 plus $40. something in tax due upon pick up for the dates of 08/18 9 am through 08/21 9 pm. All was fine. Did online without issue.

On 06/22/16 I decided to add a day, assuming if for 4-days the total was $81.80 (plus tax) then surely another day couldn’t be more than $25.00/$30.00. (plus tax of course)

I followed the online instructions, went into my rental “voucher” and selected MODIFY. Selected a return date of 08/22 (instead of 21) same return time, 9 pm, and a pop up appeared which said I would have to select the car again, but to click next. I did. A quote of $139.99 popped up. Totally fine, in fact was much less than I expected, but thought “hey, maybe that’s a day with no bookings and I got lucky.” It stated $5.89 would be taken from my acct and another $10.00 something due on the tax.(bringing the original tax total from $40.00 something to $50.00 something due at car pick-up.)

Again, fine.

Then I got the email confirmation which showed the ADDED day had NOT been added on. So now my original dates and fee had gone UP without the new day addition.


I called the 1-800-800-4000 number, was stuck on hold about 10 min, then the call disconnected. I called back. Waited on hold and finally reached someone. She was very nice but informed me that I would have to call the “pre-pay” people to have everything sorted out. She gave me another number. I called them, waited on hold, then was told, “sorry, system glitch the total should be $203.00.”

Wait? What?

Now, $81.80 plus $40.00= $121.80. Lets deduct $203.- $121.80= $81.20 for the ONE additional day!!!

I was stunned. I then asked, WHY then had the system taken out the $5.86 from my acct already and showed $10. more dollars in tax due at pick-up.

“The system saw your modify as re-renting and the price has gone up from yesterday.”

ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS???? I was offered NO apology for the system glitch. No offer to revert to original price or offer of taking that from the total of the requested day.


I hung up with her and called the 1-800-800-4000 back praying I got someone who spoke better English and could better explain. I waited on-hold over and over, spoke with numerous people, ALL of whom stated the same. System error. No offer of assistance, just flat out, oops, but this is the price.

At this point, I’d been on the phones with Dollar over 3 1/2 hours TOTAL AND online via Twitter. (who offered aid, but then never returned) I called pre-pay back and requested they cancel my reservation and refund my money.

(Of course it will take 5-10 days for funds to reverse)

Side Note: I Googled at this point to see if others were having issues with Dollar and YES… many are. In fact the term “scam-ish” appeared in several posts/tweets.

The next day, I called the customer service number (they closed at 5 so I missed reaching them the day before) 1-800-800 5252 and they DID apologize but said there was nothing they could do.

There is NOT person within the entire organization who has the ability to offer a discount according to SEVERAL employee’s. (Such as at least reversing the added money for  the same rental)

Here’s a further breakdown of Dollar;

Money for Pre-Pay is taken from “CARHIRE: Dublin” Reps are from India and there is NOT ONE person who is truly manager. Maybe over the one answering the phone, but NOT anyone with authority. (If calling Pre-Pay during the day, you might get lucky and get an Irish rep. He was VERY nice, VERY apologetic-but still couldn’t assist towards changing things around)

Though Dollar came up $14.00 less than Enterprise for the 5 days, I GLADLY paid the $14.00 to not have to deal with Dollar anymore.

For YEARS we were loyal Dollar customers. Going way, way back. We hadn’t had a need to rent for a long time, but when the time came, I immediately went Dollar.


So, with your summer plans coming up, felt it best to share my experience and maybe save someone else a massive headache.

Bobbi Romans


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