Dear Dan Turner.

Dear Dan Turner,

By now you may be rethinking your choice words of “20 min of action.” In the event you’re still thinking along those lines, please consider this.

While your “poor” son will endure a six-month prison sentence of which then, within a year or so, people will forget and his life can continue on as if nothing happened, hers won’t.

Not for six-months. Not for five years, but for the rest of her life she will bear the scars of what happened.

Every male of her size and height, regardless of where she knows them from of if she does, will be considered a potential threat—not a potential new acquaintance or friend. In the back her mind she’ll wonder if they too, simply consider rape “a few minutes of action.”

Every party, bar-b-cue, get-together where someone may offer her a beer or cocktail, will cause her pause and worry instead of a possible “thank you.” The wonder if it’s been spiked, or her system will tolerate it or worse… will anyone think anything if she has the drink. Her lighthearted days of enjoying a gathering are gone, and not for six-months.

How many of us, at some point, became a bit too intoxicated at an event? Maybe a concert, pool party, bar-b-cue or special event. Maybe we have a place like Cheers we meet with friends. We’ve all had that moment.

Your words not only scared her worse but sent a message to society, rapists and pedophiles.

“Go big or go home.”

Have you really thought about it? “Only?” Lets drop the term action a moment and concentrate on the “only.” If he’d kidnapped her and raped her repeatedly over days… are you saying then… his light sentence would be justified?

You have been your sons worst enemy. YOU installed the sense of entitlement. YOU are continuing to set him up for failure and YOU can alter this. Think hard of your female family members, if they’d been the one to awaken, bloodied on a hospital gurney and to hear ANYONE say, “it was only 20 min of actions.”

Dear Judge Aaron Persky you sir, along with Dan Turner have issued a dangerous message to those who already consider rape, just a small snafu boys/men go through. I pray the powers that be, reconsider your status as judge and remove you from instigating further harm.


Bobbi Romans- Author, Mother, Grandmother and family to many girls.


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