The Perfect Dessert for a Warm Weather Holiday!

                A perfect dessert for a warm weather holiday.

Recipe time! A perfect dessert for a warm weather holiday. (or any warm weather event)

Thought I I’d share a recipe with you that’s super easy, fast and perfect for a warm weather holiday.

A yellow or butter cake mix. Bake per instructions, using rectangular glass baking pan.
Let cool.
Using a toothpick, press into different spots on the cake, swirling a bit to create tiny (deep) holes.
Get a box of strawberry jello (can be any flavor really or more than one!) instead of adding 2 cups of boiling water as per instructions, use ONE. Whisk until mixed, then pour over the cake evenly.
Set in fridge for at least 1 1/2-2 hours.
Top with whipped cream and strawberries.


Optional: You can use more than one flavor in  cake. I wouldn’t push it past 3 flavors and if doing so, do NOT use all the jello. Just enough to line a row or tow, then same with the next flavors. For children’s parties, or if expecting a large crowd, I’ve done green apple, mango, peach etc. Each one was a hit.  What  haven’t tried… but have thought about… chocolate cake, with CHERRY jello then whipped cream for a black forest type flavor.


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