Happy Easter- A Menu, An ARe Sale & Easter Wishes!

Things will be spastic for me the next few days as I both prep for a submission and gear up for Easter.

First let me start off by announcing a big sale. This Sat and Sunday, March 26th & 27th, my Easter Story, An Accidental Basket will be on sale for $1.00 ONLY at ARe! (Updated from the previously thought .98 cents. Oops, my percentages were 2 cents off-sorry)

An Accidental Basket


In one nightmare moment, Calyssa lost everything.

Including hope.Danny took a chance on love and lost.

Often it’s in those darkest, confusing, gut-wrenching hours… hope finds a way to bloom again.

Enjoy Calyssa’s story !


As for me, Saturday will be filled with FOOD shopping. Our menu?

Honey Ham –  Loaded Potato Salad – Bacon Topped Brussel Sprouts – Deviled Eggs – Crescent Rolls and Strawberry Fluff for dessert since so many of my crew aren’t cake fans. (Gasp, I  know) The DD is upset I’m not making her grandma’s scalloped potatoes, but the DH chose potato salad over the scalloped. Since being a new diabetic, I could care how the potato is fixed so long as I can eat some. And yes, I’m splurging on the holiday!

Saturday night before the children go to bed, they’ll be told the story of Easter then we’ll go have some fun and plant some jelly beans. (so they can sprout into lollipops)

We won’t have our normal massive size crew over, but will be hosting around 14-16.

Yes, our family is so large, that even part of the gang, means loads wee ones running around. 🙂

May you and yours have a blessed Easter!



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