Heartbreaking news.

Apparently the kids dog out. (My sons and his GF’s) Sadie did what any fun loving lab wants to do. Found animals to chase.

The neighbors chickens.

While Sadie thought it was a gleeful day, the neighbors did not and shot her (3) times.

Her story and update can be read here, where I started a GoFundMe to help the kids out.

We’re praying Sadie makes it and gets into a safe zone before her little 7 year old master gets home.

You see, they each came into the world about the same time and have been inseparable since.

Keep us in your prayers.

Sadies Go Fund Me Page



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2 responses to “Heartbreaking news.

  1. Mrs. Carroll

    My name is Mrs. Carroll and I wanted to let you know that I am the neighbor whose chickens were slaughtered. I feel like the story needs to be set straight. The dogs were not simply playing “chase” with the chickens, they were actually slaughtering them and when my husband woke to the noise and walked outside on the back porch, the dogs were in the process of tearing our turkey in two. That is when he shot the dog to protect our animals. No, the dog didn’t come up to us to pet it, we did not grab the dog by the collar until much later when my husband found the dogs down the road as he was heading into town. That is when he stopped to call the owners. So please stop this nonsense. Nothing about this was premeditated. None of us are happy about the fact that we had to shoot a dog that was in our yard attacking our animals. In fact, we are the very ones who placed posters around the neighborhood when we found your dog “Boomer”, and we are the ones who called several weeks ago, when we found your dogs playing by the busy road.

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  2. Ms. Carroll,
    I approved your response, as I believe it only fair to hear your words. As an author, I’m rather against ant censorship.

    I’ve read what you stated, which is in contrast to your message, “she almost got my turkey/rooster.” Almost and torn in half are entirely different things.

    But for fairness… let’s say word for word it went down as you’ve stated.

    There is NO getting around torture shots.

    The vet has the x-rays, the dog has the wounds. Bullet wound (s), dead center of her back standing over her.

    No matter what, there is no getting around that. Maybe the stomach shots can be attributed to a dog running and someone shooting a moving target.

    But NOT that shot (s).

    I’ve yet to see a dog (person or other) not bolt hearing a gun go off. In your own words, you claim neither you or your husband called her (the dog), held her collar or like, until he “caught up with them.”

    My concern isn’t about farmers protecting livestock. You had that right. In fact, you had the right to shoot, but…

    There is NO getting around the shot(s) in her back. (Which appear to be two, not one as original thought) From above.

    That shot (s)wasn’t about protecting. That shot(s) was about vengeance and pain.

    That doesn’t sound like any farmer/hunter I’ve ever met.

    Your message requested I stop the “nonsense.”

    I’m sorry if you feel this event, and the aftermath is nonsense. I do not. Not for your sake, or the kids. Nothing that transpired is nonsense. They are desperately trying to save their dogs life not just for their love, but that of a seven year old child who isn’t going to understand why the dog she was raised with, is suffering so.

    I’d like to add one last thought.

    Per your words, you mention your husband running into them “down the road”, and only then, grabbing her by the collar. So, again, the shot entries show from above–straight and downwards–I have to wonder, how anyone could drive on along and leave a bloody dying dog in the road.

    Unless of course, that’s when the shots into her back occurred.

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