Happy New Year & a Freebie!

Its been an emotional roller coaster this season. Sadly our nephew who lived with us (old enough to chose where he wants to live) decided in the heat of the moment, I’m Satan and he’s better off with his mom.
Yes Virginia, this house has rules.
So, we were minus a child during the holiday and are still in the “what’s going on?” stage with his family who have, short of two quick phone calls, been mum on what the plans are for the future living arrangements.
Then the evening of the above revelation that I’m Satan, a storm of all storms rolled in and the kitchen flooded.
We survived the drama and still had a peaceful though melancholy Christmas.
Now as we roll towards the New Year I’ve decided I’m not doing a damn thing the same as last year. Last year rather sucked, not catastrophic or anything, but if something doesn’t work… change it!
No black eyed peas and greens here (never liked them anyway) nope– we’re kicking this year off with cheeseburgers and a baked potato bar.
Also, it’s time for some serious house cleaning. As in I have too much “Stuff.” I gotta let go of something. I can’t keep everything that holds memories. There simply isn’t room anymore.
On a side note, to help ring in the New Year, from the 31st to the 2nd An American Holiday (ebook) will be FREE! So help me spread the word so that those with their new E-Readers have a FREE book to upload.
For those that don’t have ereaders, you do know that the Kindle App is FREE for your phone/computer. Yep. And even on the phone app, the font is page size. Yep. It’s not itty bitty print. Nope, full size.
Well- Hope everyone had an amazing holiday/Christmas and will have a wonderful and prosperous New Year!
Bobbi Romans


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