A Right to Love, by Author Liza O’Connor

Jacko pays a boy 2 shillings a day to deliver messages. The fellow, Elwood, gets 5 shillings for delivering a message to Jacko and then demands a tip from Jacko, insisting Davy hadn’t given him a farthing (which is 1/4th of a penny).

So was Elwood right to complain, only making 14 shilling plus tips in a 7 day work week?

Let’s see: A common laborer, working 60 hours a week made about 3 shillings and 6 pennies a week.
Well no wonder Jacko gets angry with the boy for a) lying about Davy giving him 5 shillings and b) having the audacity to claim he was being cheated.

Thus, when a small fellow with a great deal of charm shows up on his office door, Jacko has no qualms firing Elwood and giving the new boy a job.

Jacko opened the door and ushered the boy in. He would gladly give the boy a fortune for the return of Xavier, but he had little hope finding his friend would be so easy.

“What’ve you got?”

“Give me my ten thousand pounds first.” The boy bravely held his ground, his grubby small hand stretched forward, palm up.

Jacko admired his pluck. “That’s not the way it works. You tell me what you know and then I decide if it warrants the money.”

The boy’s brow furrowed. “And what if you decide it don’t?”

“Then I’ll pay you what I think it’s worth.”

The boy jammed his hands in his pockets as he stared at his feet muttering beneath his breath.

“What’s your name?”

His head tilted up and his eyes narrowed. “What’s it worth to you?”

The kid reminded him of himself as a scrappy boy. “It could be worth a regular job.”

The boy’s eyes widened as he yanked his hand from his pocket and extended it to Jacko.

“People call me L’il Pete. So do  I get the job?”

Jacko shook his tiny hand. “I’ll give you a try.” He walked to his desk, grabbed pen and paper, and wrote his boarding room address. He handed the slip to the boy. “I’ll pay you two shillings a day to sit in a chair in front of this room and bring me messages from people who stop by. Any tip they give you is yours to keep.”

L’il Pete’s eyes narrowed. “That’s it? Just sit in a chair?”

“You can even sleep if you like.”

The boy shook his head as he wiped his nose on his sleeve. “I wasn’t born yesterday. What’s the git?”

“The ‘git’ is you must keep to your schedule and never lie to me.”

The boy’s head tilted in confusion. “That’s all?”

“Sounds simple, but I’ve yet to find a boy who has the character to do it.”

The small fellow jutted out his chest and snared his thumbs through his belt loops. “I got tons of character. Everybody says so.”

Damn, but he liked this boy. “Which is why you are getting the job. And when you go back there today, if a boy named Elwood shows up, tell him he’s fired.”

“Elwood…” The boy’s face scrunched up as he rubbed his chin with grimy fingers. “How big is he?”

“Good point.” Jacko wrote on another slip of paper, ‘Elwood, you are fired—Jacko.’ He gave it to the boy. “Just give him this.”

The boy nodded and slipped it in his pocket.

Jacko, a gypsy with a great love for stealing, rescues a suffragette from Bedlam. Upon returning the elderly woman to safety, he meets her blue-stocking daughter. Alice has decided she prefers managing her estate farms over London society. She is resigned to never marry until the handsome and surprisingly wealthy man with a dark past and several identities steals her heart.

A Right to Love
Amazon :http://www.amazon.com/Right-Love-Spinoff-Adventures-Xavier-ebook/dp/B00QD68XFE/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1418407233&sr=1-1&keywords=Right+to+Love
Free with Amazon Kindle Unlimited

A Right to Love is a spin off
of the Adventures of Xavier & Vic’s
Humorous, Late Victorian, Romantic Sleuth series

Book 1
The Troublesome Apprentice
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Troublesome-Apprentice-Adventures-Xavier-Book-ebook/dp/B00M7H63VO/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1418407122&sr=8-4&keywords=Liza+O%27Connor

Book 2
The Missing Partner
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Missing-Partner-Adventures-Xavier-Book-ebook/dp/B00NAJQ4ZI/ref=pd_sim_kstore_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=0CX5178XXY4FVY89XNGM

Book 3
The Mesmerist
All Xavier books Free with Amazon Unlimited

Liza O’Connor was raised badly by feral cats, left the South/Midwest and wandered off to find nicer people on the east coast. There she worked for the meanest man on Wall Street, while her psychotic husband tried to kill her three times. (So much for finding nicer people.) Then one day she declared enough, got a better job, divorced her husband, and fell in love with her new life where people behaved normally. But all those bad behaviors has given her lots of fodder for her humorous romances. Please buy these books, because otherwise, she’ll become grumpy and write troubled novels instead. They will likely traumatize you.

You have been warned.
Mostly humorous books by Liza:

Saving Casey – Old woman reincarnates into troubled teen’s body. (Half funny/half traumatizing)
Ghost Lover—Two British brothers fall in love with the same young woman. Ancestral ghost is called in to fix the situation. And there’s a ghost cat that roams about the book as well. (Humorous Contemporary Romance)
A Long Road to Love Series: (Humorous Contemporary odd Romance)
Worst Week Ever — Laugh out loud week of disasters of Epic proportions.
Oh Stupid Heart — The heart wants what it wants, even if it’s impossible.
Coming to Reason — There is a breaking point when even a saint comes to reason.
Climbing out of Hell — The reconstruction of a terrible man into a great one.
The Troublesome Apprentice — The greatest sleuth in Victorian England hires a young man who turns out to be a young woman.
The Missing Partner — Opps! The greatest sleuth in Victorian England goes missing, leaving Vic to rescue him, a suffragette, and about 100 servants. Not to mention an eviscerating cat. Yes, let’s not mention the cat.
The Mesmerist — The Mesmerist can control people from afar and make them murder for her. Worse yet, Xavier Thorn has fallen under her spell.

Investigate these sites:
Liza’s Blog and Website:  http://www.LizaOConnor.com


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Liza0Connor

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5 responses to “A Right to Love, by Author Liza O’Connor

  1. Another wonderful Liza O’Connor post and book.



  2. Jacko really has a heart of gold.


    • He does. I was so sad when Pete’s mom makes him quite working for Jacko because he paid the kid too much. Might be why she dies in book four….No…I wouldn’t do that. She died for the plot. I didn’t kill her off due to resentment.


  3. I have not read any of your books but i think i will now. loved the interview


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