Faith and Love

I was supposed to have posted a piece for a blog hop. I missed it trying to make a deadline. I’ve others posts that will be going up soon so instead of posting about my releases, I’m going to share a special Christmas Memory and my new favorite Christmas Carol.

My family has always done Christmas big. Not necessarily gifts, but being a small family the Aunt, Uncle and Cousin (who was like a sister) would come up from Florida (we were in VA) for the holiday making it extra special.
We’d sled, Grandma would bake and somehow she and Grandpa would make the entire house smell like fresh cut pine.
We had a small fake tree. We even, at times, had the silver one with the color wheel behind it. (where did the pine smell from?-LOL)

Well on my 12th Christmas, the Florida family came up, we had all these wonderful events and like we did every year, we’d watched Rudolph the Reindeer and Frosty. It was Christmas Eve, magic surrounded us. We’d played with my grandfathers childhood train my Uncle dug out of the eves and set up for Granddaddy. The train he hadn’t seen in years and years.
I’d fallen asleep too early upstairs in my room.

You see, I lived with my Grandparents. They were my everything. Though I loved Mom and Dad with all my heart, there was a special bond between my Grandparents and I.
About 7:30 my Uncle gently shook me awake and quietly told me to come downstairs with the rest of the family.
You see, on Christmas Eve, surrounded by his family and even his favorite childhood toy running around the Christmas tree, my Granddaddy had passed away. He’d laid down too, for a small pre-Christmas Eve dinner and simply did not wake up again.

To a twelve year old, I couldn’t fathom why God would do this. Why take my granddaddy on Christmas Eve? Why then? Didn’t he know how horrible this would be? I’d tried to hold myself together for my grandmother, but when a tacky turquoise colored hearse pulled up, I lost it.

It was turquoise! It should have classic black.

That was what pushed me over the edge. My Granddaddy deserved classic, not tacky. I can’t explain why this meant so much but it did. I ran out the door and heard my Mom and Uncle try and call me back, and caught my Grandmother telling them to let me go. She knew where I was heading.

I ran around the corner to one of my best friends homes. By the time I got there they knew what had happened. My friend took me into her room where I bawled.

When at last I slowed enough to ask why now, she answered without missing a beat…

Because he WAS special. The hearse means nothing… your Granddaddy was invited to the most special Birthdays of all.

Her words slowly sank in. A warmth of joy spread and I knew she’d spoken the truth.

My Granddaddy deserved this special invitation because he was in fact special.

My friends words made sense of something which hadn’t.

So as you enter this Christmas Season remember the reason. Remember we aren’t promised tomorrows and don’t get caught up in the rush.

Remember to stop and smell the poinsettias and hot coco. Give extra hugs and attention.

I’ll leave you with my favorite NEWish carol.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Bobbi Romans


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