Thoughts on Suicide & Filming Assualts

A few things I’m feeling more compelled to speak out about.

1) Suicide. While depression is a clinical disease. And many of the meds can plummet you… (Effexser is one)deeper into despair, suicide is still a CONSCIOUS thought. From the child of parent who made several serious attempts, the scars it leaves on those left behind run deep. Understand it, but please don’t glorify it.


2) #JusticeForAaron — Another case of our lovely youth filming an assault, rather than stopping it. Hear this kids—If you film, and don’t attempt to get help/stop you ARE a part of the assault. YOU are now a perpetrator. YOU are now an accessory, YOU can now be held liable. YOU CAN GO TO JAIL TOO! So if being a decent human being doesn’t win you over…remember that.



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