Circuit Justice Eugene Gasiorkiewicz- gives 4 months for molesting step-daughter?

** All have permission to copy and paste the below post to help spread awareness **

When will justice become just that? JUSTICE.

My heart ached after reading yet another news article (all links below) where an adult, in this case “rich”, basically walks after molesting/raping a child.

How can we sit back and point fingers at other countries who we deem “barbaric” for their culture of child brides and honor killings if our OWN justice system is nearly as flawed? We can’t. Remember the old saying, “the loudest wheel gets oiled first?” Well, its time we the citizens become the proverbial “squeaky” wheel.

A Du Pont family member, Robert H. Richards IV, pled guilty to raping his 3 yr old daughter. After it was deemed he wouldn’t “fair” well in prison he was given  8 months PROBATION. Yes. you heard that right, PROBATION.

The Judge? Jan Jurden

What to do? Though the case was in 2009, they tried to keep it from the media–RAISE HELL people, RAISE HELL. Contact Delaware News Stations–contact your OWN news stations about doing articles.

** Yet ANOTHER Case–this one RECENT **

SC Johnson family heir, Samuel Curtis Johnson III (another rich case) admitted “repeatedly” molesting his 12 yr step-daughter.

Circuit Justice Eugene Gasiorkiewicz

What can we do? Can my voice really count?

You bet it can! One voice makes another hear, then another. One email can be forwarded, one tweet seen by thousands. Do it daily, if you wish.


Contact the courthouses, contact that towns (plus your own) media outlets. Now I”m not a reporter, so, if one if the links below doesn’t hit the right media source (though one would hope ANY media would be see cause in a story) use Google to find the media outlet best suited for that case.

Wisconsin (SC Johnson Case)

Wilmington, Delaware: (Du Pont Case)

Talk Radio:

Honestly, radio talk shows, or even the loudly colorful tabloid news outlets (think TMZ) can be a source to help get that “squeaky” wheel so loud, that change is a must.

Remember, these are just 2 cases we know of…think about how many we don’t. When the cycle of abuse isn’t stopped it will continue…these people are walking around in YOUR world.

Help force a change.

Be the loud wheel.




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