Baton Blog Hop

Baton Blog Hop

When Debra Kayn told me about the Baton Blog Hop, it sounded fun. I did rather bomb out at getting other authors to join me…but, did SNAG Author REN THOMPSON! Her post will go up MONDAY the 17th! Be sure and check hers out then, here:

You can follow along and read more great interviews/excerpts by following the hop from the other authors who did this. (Check out Debra’s page for their info and links )

Also, be sure and check out author Becky Flade.

1) What am I working on? A new/old series. Huh? Yeah. Pretty much what I thought. I plotted a series a very long time ago I’ve decided to revisit. And uh, glad I did. This has many of the para’s featured and a potentially new species as well. *cue Twilight Zone music* – Wink.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?  Well, there are a few, er, hum. How to put this. In “It Came Upon a Midnight Dream” Dax, a white tiger shifter, falls deep in tune with his feline counterpart. How so? He marks her. How is that different?

It wasn’t a bite and she wasn’t pleased by the action in the slightest.

In One Way Ticket to Love, Gemma has a quite normal bodily episode. Sadly, though not something she could have helped, she debates whether her ass will fit out the narrow mirror in the bathroom. Air goes in and air sometimes…goes out.

3)  Why do I write what I do?  The voices in my head would have me doing strange things.

4)  How does your writing process work?  For the most, I sit…I write. I use both beta’s, autocrit and when time, post to a wonderful crit group I’m involved with.


“Unlike Hollywood’s version of witches with crystal balls, her gift boiled down to picking up the aura surrounding people. The closer in proximity, the clearer their intent. For the most part, bounces hit strong enough she sensed whether good or bad, honest or dishonest. White for peace, red for love and so forth. Right now her inner radar must be on the fritz because she didn’t detect a damn thing.

The movements ahead stopped, and Tab slowed her pace. She raised the gun and used the scope thingy to search for anything limping or injured. Befuddled, as the noises seemed to come right in front of her. With the sun now set, she debated her decision of coming out to investigate. Alone. In the woods.

Okay, so not one of the best ideas. She should have called the cops and waited her happy ass inside. Tab got about two hasty steps backwards before a weight crashed down on her from behind. Hard enough to knock the wind out of her and cause a momentary panic of not being able to breathe. Its suddenness, dislodged the gun from her hand, but not before a loud shot rang out.

To her shock, she found herself pinned under an enormous man, quite unconscious, sexy and butt ass naked man.

She struggled to roll him off, but geez he weighed a ton. Her naked woodsman moaned a bit but never became coherent. Tab scoonched out from under him ignoring the hard muscle mass her hands pushed against and brushed the earthen debris off. Upon inspection she realized, mud didn’t cloak her naked woodsman, blood did. Further scrutiny revealed a nasty laceration which ran clear from his bulky muscled inner thigh to the curve around his-well, ass a quarter would bounce twice off of.

So shoot her. It wasn’t her fault the dude lay naked or anything. She did need to do the charitable thing and inspect him for any further injuries.

“Right? Who the hell am I arguing with anyhow? I’m in the middle of the freaking woods for criminies sake. Not like anyone’s around to catch me staring and know why?”

Tab shook her head.

“Peachy. Now I’m talking to myself.” she mumbled.

Still for good measure and out of habit, she glanced about to make sure no one lingered nearby. Yup, all alone, just herself and the naked woodsmen!” —©Bobbi Romans-2014

Debra Kayn–

Be sure and stop by Debra Kahns and treat yourself to wonderful Bantorus MC Excerpts.

Jennifer Lawler

JB Lynn

Connie Cockrell –


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  1. I don’t have an active blog yet, it’s on my WIP website, but since I was tagged by the wonderful Ren Thompson, I had to leave a comment. And of course to invite you all to stop by the website when it’s live!


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