Tuesday Pet Peeve

George Carlin "I Don't Have Pet Peeves..." 8 Inch Quote Magnet

Quick post on a pet peeve I have. We are ALL writers. I don’t give a flying petunia’s petal whether you are traditional or indie.

I either like it, or I don’t.

This whole business of putting one down or the other is fluffing my feathers and NOT in a good way. Almost daily now I see some author “toting” how her shit is the bomb. She/He is the just the best because of.


You are so bomb-diggidity that if you went indie/or signed with a publisher, your work would what…be shitty? You can only write one way?

Because I’m not quite getting that reasoning.

Either you can write or you can’t. Shouldn’t matter which way you end up choosing to go.

Some of my all time favorite authors do BOTH.

Food for thought.


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