Karama’s on a Roll & Common Sense Etiquette.

Got caught up watching Twister while chatting w/family and forgot to make the post I’d intended last night.

In case anyone hasn’t heard, Karma, well she got tired of waiting on the rusty wheels of justice.

Three Headlines-

* Rapist gets notified victim had HIV.

* Ariel Castro found dead in his cell.

* Fort Hood killer FORCIBLY shaved. (was against his Muslim beliefs.)

Can I get a hell yeah!

Moving on…

Ran into another (like a moth to a flame I went) humdinger about Goodreads and their ratings. reviewers and authors.

In this humble authors opinion without getting into the nitty-gritty of it, sure you can be snarky taking nasty to a whole new level.

Is it nice? Hell no. Will help that author? Hell no. Not in ratings and certainly not in their self conscious. Will it kill them? Will their publishers flee like hell hounds are on their heels?

I’d like to think not. Publishers have been around this block before.

But that said, there is vast difference between a snarky, snot nosed review (OMG Author is a moron. Must have been dropped on their head as a baby) and something threatening. Yesterday I saw things, that I know had many of these people been face to face, they would never have done. There were allegations peoples private (both authors and reviewers alike) personal information, such as phone numbers and home addresses had been listed online.

Even worse…their children’s school address and names.

Okay- Line crossed. Line leapt across with flames shooting out of your ass!

Let me be clear about  one thing, Don’t Fuck With the Kids or Pets. Do NOT!

You wanna call that author/review dumber than a box of rocks? Go for it. Sure it’s rude. It’s mean, but it’s legal. You as the reader have the choice to walk away and not read.

But tossing real people’s, real children’s phone numbers and addresses out there, is illegal,  reprehensible and immoral. How would you feel if shit really bad happened? I have to believe that for the most, there is good in all of us and you’d feel terrible. 

Please, please when in an online battle, step away. Have a cup of coffee. Maybe a margarita… before replying if you must reply at all.

In the grand scheme of things, think about everything around you. Yesterday I saw a post go by that caused me to stop, scroll back and read. I don’t know and have never had the privilege of working with the author whose post I caught, but essentially, she said goodbye.

She’s fighting cancer, and the cancer is winning. She wasn’t sure if she would ever be able to post again. Brings new pettiness to the big cyber world of fighting.

If that’s not a reminder that life is precious and should be embraced with happiness, I don’t know what is.

As we get further and further engaged in our new cyber worlds, lets not forget to stop and smell the very real roses of our real lives, just outside our doors.







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2 responses to “Karama’s on a Roll & Common Sense Etiquette.

  1. “Please, please when in an online battle, step away. Have a cup of coffee. Maybe a margarita… before replying if you must reply at all.”

    Excellent Advice, online or in real life, but especially online.


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