Late Night Ramblings

So again I’m up way past my bedtime. I’m in that pre sleep zone stage.

What’s been shaking? Anyone out there awake with me?

So far this week, I’ve nearly completed the 3rd book in my Swamp Magic Series. Will still need an polishing pass before turning into my editor to see if it’s going to be wanted. *crosses fingers*

I finally made it over to My Favorite Bookstore where I dropped off a few copies of Swamp Magic (bk1) and browsed the store. Came home with a lovely book on the how the town I’m in began. It’s also filled with wonderful old black and white pictures. The whole family is enjoyed it.

Chocolate alert: M & M’s came out with Candy Corn White Chocolate M & M’s. Yes they did. Did I like? Am not sure. *gasp* I know. How damn hard is knowing whether you like something? Apparently it can be tricky.

While out and about today, I saw Halloween reminder and Halloween reminder. Now I’m all for the Holidays, including the afore mentioned, but Dayummmmmmmm. I would however appreciate seeing fall. It was hotter than Hades out there.

Caught the previews to the new series Sleepy Hollow. CAN’T WAIT!! Think I’m going to love this one.

So, if you’re following my odd rambles, whatcha been up to? 





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