Late night check in and another Momism.

Momism #2– Being the responsible one sucks.

Whatever happened to growing up and eating ice-cream sundaes whenever the hell we wanted? Hell, eating 2 or 3 if we wanted?

That never happened to the best of my memory. Only countless loads of laundry, taxi runs, mediations, dinners, shopping trips, house cleanings and my all time favorite. Washing fucking dishes.

Yeah. My dishwasher is broken. Has been. Mr. Fix It keeps swearing he’ll fix it.

A) I predict the house burning down.

B) Thankfully by the time he ever gets around to it, will be long after I’m buried.


So have a goody I ran across. FREE for Kindle ‘The Auction’ SET! :

Also, in the next day or so I’ll be running a contest for a giveaway of Swamp Magic (Bk1) and Under the Full Moon (Bk2) PLUS– Some authorly Swag.

BUT–What I’ll do is if you’ve read one but not the other…I’m going to let you gift one, both or all.

Alright back to Bk 3- Dead Man Rising where a storm is brewing. A hurricane heads into the Swamps, and I’m talking about far more than the weather.


Sweet Dreams. Or Naughty ones…whichever ones you prefer.



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August 7, 2013 · 4:51 am

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