Another day in Momville.

I kept my writing promise, but barely. Got a wee over 1000 wds in on Sunday. Today, plotted for the remaining chapters of Dead Man Rising.  Bk 3 in the Swamp Magic Series.

Of course that was all I could considering the baby was teething and I decided to de-clutter the linen closet.

4 trash bags filled with sheets, etc, will be on the way to Goodwill tomorrow.

Between it all, I made a simple dinner of chicken and rice. Was all I had in me. Did plan tomorrows menu as well.

Creamed chipped beef over homemade biscuits.

Tomorrow, hopefully getting what was plotted into the story, then a bit of promotional things for Under the Full Moon, which released back in June. UTFM is Bk2 in the Swamp Magic Series.

So far readers are swooning over Damien…the armadillo shifter in the series.

Well heading to bed. Sweet Dreams whoever reads the blog.



(PS didn’t hide in the bathroom today playing Words with Friends with an amaretto sour. Maybe tomorrow. )


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