Author Glitz…or Shitz?

No glitz here. Least not lately.  Seriously, the highlight of the night was sitting in the bathroom hiding, with an amaretto sour playing Words with Friends.

What? Normally, its my quiet hide out. Not tonight. Knocking that made Sheldon’s (Big Bang Theory) seem tame, commenced all for the privilege of deciding I was plain too tired to argue that plain Ramen noodles, uncooked, did not constitute dinner.

Missed meeting with my local writing buds and did NO writing today.

Did unpack 3 more boxes from moms, accomplished 5 loads of laundry, the sweeping and mopping of two rooms and did toss some pizza’s in the oven for those who didn’t relish dry Ramen noodles.

It’s 2:09 and I’m still so wired can’t sleep.

Tomorrow I promise myself with the entire net as witness, to return to the Dead Man Rising…bk 3 in the Swamp Magic Series. Tricks snarling. He’s pissed he’s not getting to voice his issues.

Sweet dreams for those able to sleep, or for those waking up early, keep a cup hot for me.






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