Sneak Peak- An Erotic/Horror Cross-Genre *Upcoming Release*

Unofficial teaser from my upcoming release. Table for Three-Hold the Blood.

*Coming Soon*

“She hunkered down behind some thick brush. So damn cold, she thought, gingerly pulling the material of her sleeve back to look at the ground up looking mass where her hand had once been.

The snapping of twigs behind her, the last moment proof, she shouldn’t have lost concentration of where her killer was. Not even for that one precious moment.

The saw started back up. She screamed. The metallic glint of the rolling blades came at her in the moonlight. She threw an arm up—as if that had helped before, heard bone meeting metal, felt warmth rush her face, and she knew no more.”

Let me know what you think, or even what your thoughts are on cross-genres.



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